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March 3, 2015 - als

Last summer, a area took partial in a largest viral amicable media transformation a universe has ever seen: a ALS ice bucket challenge. These hurdles supposing wish to thousands pang from ALS, and a supports lifted have done a extensive disproportion in a lives of people fighting this vicious disease. Thanks to a munificence of a community, we are now means to put these supports to work in assisting people with ALS and their families live a aloft peculiarity of life while we hunt for treatments and a cure.

Your donations have enabled us to boost a volume of medical equipment, nutritive supplements, home alteration and adaptive inclination for ALS patients, as good as doubled a volume of remit caring supposing to much-deserving caregivers.

We’ve tripled a volume of supports dedicated to ALS investigate and are augmenting efforts to teach a legislators about a critical needs of people with ALS and intensity changes in laws that impact people battling a disease.

With your help, we’ve also been means to some-more than double a financial support to a area’s usually ALS approved diagnosis center, located during St. Louis University. And, in sequence to improved offer a nation’s heroes — who are twice as expected to be diagnosed with ALS as a ubiquitous public — we have skeleton to partner with dual new VA clinics this year.

On interest of people battling ALS and their families, we appreciate we for holding a ice bucket plea and changing lives in a process.

Maureen Barber Hill  •  St. Louis County

President and CEO, The ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter

source ⦿ http://www.stltoday.com/news/opinion/mailbag/funds-from-ice-bucket-challenge-help-als-patients/article_a078fedb-86d7-5d44-9cc1-385234c9d747.html

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