3 ALS News Items to Note: Exercise, a Documentary, and a Love Story

April 1, 2018 - als

Dagmar Living Well

I don’t know about your email inbox, though cave mostly overflows with news alerts. we can customarily hum by them sincerely quickly, though final week, 3 equipment held my eye and had me clicking by to learn more.

Exercise is protected for ALS patients

Until my ALS diagnosis in 2010, unchanging daily practice was an constituent partial of my wellness program. So, it astounded me to learn that researchers debated a purpose of practice for ALS patients. Imagine my beating to review that some medical professionals even suggested opposite practice altogether.

Nevertheless, we put my trust in my years of aptness training, followed my tummy instincts, and continued to perform a mutated chronicle of my prior workout. Exercising done me feel improved and nap better, and it helped me adjust to my body’s new singular approach of moving.

Meanwhile, we kept a sharp eye on rising research. Initially, studies looked during and reliable a advantages of elementary range-of-motion exercises. Then studies examined a power of exercise, recommending ALS patients work out during a assuage level.

Recently, a formula of a six-month investigate comparing 3 opposite forms of exercise or modalities common more. I’ll acknowledge to being a small some-more than gratified to review that resistance, endurance, and stretching/range-of-motion exercises are all well-tolerated by ALS patients. Furthermore, there was a trend toward fewer falls in a insurgency and continuation practice groups.

In a webinar scheduled for Apr 3, a physicians and staff during Johns Hopkins University will plead a investigate formula in some-more detail. You can gamble I’ll be listening!

The Augie movie

Another engaging object in final week’s news was a Mar 20 recover of a documentary film “Augie” — a life story of Augie Nieto.

Back in 2005, while operative as a wellness director, we came opposite a proclamation in a aptness biography that Augie, a male behind Life Fitness and a Lifecycle, was diagnosed with ALS. In fact, that was a really initial time we had even listened of ALS. we remember wondering quickly what accurately ALS was. Little did we know that usually 5 years later, we would accept a really same diagnosis!

Since then, I’ve tracked Augie’s life tour with ALS. As his symptoms progressed, he embraced record and several augmentative inclination to continue his query to emanate foundations, fundraising campaigns, and research institutes to find a heal for ALS.

And now, he has managed to move ALS recognition to a whole new platform: mainstream suit pictures! Congratulations, Augie! we will positively supplement your film to my “must see” list.

‘Rachel’s adore story: Living with ALS’

Finally, another form of film done a approach by a ALS community, this one a pleasing and relocating video form of my co-writer right here during ALS News Today — Rachel Lynn Doboga.

At a age of usually 28, a small over dual years ago, Rachel’s life took an sudden spin when she was diagnosed with ALS. But interjection to her middle strength and certain attitude, she has persevered. A amatory husband, family members, and many friends are positively keys to her ability to adjust and live with her ALS symptoms.

Readers of Rachel’s The Mighty Mind mainstay on ALS News Today should conclude a fact that Rachel uses fast eye transformation program to harmonise and form her many articles and blog posts. Each word is painstakingly combined by her eyes picking out letters on a mechanism screen.

It is an respect to write alongside Rachel and share a particular studious perspectives. we inspire we to watch “Rachel’s adore story: Living with ALS.

It’s mostly been said, “With ALS, we are in it together.” But we also know that, together, we can lift recognition and, together, we can find a cure.


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