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October 4, 2014 - als

When we buy something online (from a dialect store), infrequently we breeze adult grouping from a third party. If we wish to lapse it, be careful. Packaging and insuring a parcel can tumble on you, and could cost we copiousness if we don’t review a excellent imitation about shipping.

In a camber of only dual years, Francis Wojcik went from a healthy 50-year-old to a male whose legs can hardly support him.

“That’s all we can move, my ankles,” he said.

Francis is a plant of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or ALS, that has recently seen an boost in open courtesy interjection to a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“It gives me a lot of hope,” he said, crying.

Francis relies on a appurtenance to assistance him breathe and a motorized chair only to lift him upright.

When his aged chair went kaput, Francis’s mother Deb systematic a new one. But she says it didn’t fit his lanky frame, so a integrate motionless to lapse it.

So Deb called UPS to collect adult a chair, and claims a deliveryman was desirous with how prolonged she was holding to fill out a shipping tag since her right arm is inept from Lymphoma.

Deb says a UPS male finished stuffing a papers himself and never asked if a integrate indispensable insurance. That was a large mistake, since a chair never done it to a manufacturer in Florida.

The large box vanished, though UPS’ process says a limit it pays out but word is a cost of shipping and $100, on a $900 chair.

“When we called up, we spoke to a supervisor, and she was like no one can overturn this,” Deb said. “You can’t get a income back, that’s all there is to it.”

Between her cancer and his advancing ALS, it was a large blow to their budget.

“We unequivocally onslaught since were both disabled, and it’s only not fair,” she said.

So 7 On Your Side called UPS and asked if there was anything they could do. And days later, Deb hold adult a check from UPS.

“Thank we really much,” she said. “I got a check from UPS.”

The check was value scarcely $800, adequate to cover a full cost of a chair, and a minute of apology.

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