Ady Barkan, father with ALS, pays $100K for ad in Ohio midterm race

August 3, 2018 - als

Despite carrying an incorrigible disease, Ady Barkan is committed to spending his days furloughed a nation to support Democrats in a 2018 midterms. 

Barkan, a California father battling ALS, also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease, dropped a $100,000 ad buy in Ohio Thursday to support Danny O’Connor, a Democrat using for Congress in a state’s 12th District. 

The ad shows Barkan’s story, from anticipating out he was diagnosed with a disease just 4 months after his mom gave birth to their son, Carl, to streamer to Washington to quarrel a Republican bid that would impact his healthcare. 

“They didn’t listen,” he says in a ad of Republicans. “Your family and my family are going to compensate a price, so now I’m seeking we to be a hero. On August 7, opinion for Danny O’Connor. He’ll strengthen medical for my family and yours.”

Barkan got inhabitant courtesy in Dec after approaching Sen. Jeff Flake on a moody about voting no on a taxation bill, that after passed. He common his story with a Arizona lawmaker, revelation him about his rising medical costs. 

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“What should we tell my son, or what would we tell my son if we pass this check and he cuts appropriation for incapacity and we can’t get a ventilator?” he asked. He after added: “You can save my life. Please remember this conversation.”

Videos of their review after went viral. 


Ady Barkan had spent a week perplexing to get lawmakers’ attentions and giving speeches outward their offices, finale in an arrest. So when he listened Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake was on his American Airlines moody to Phoenix, he saw his moment.
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Barkan has carried on with his message, apropos an disciple and fighting for affordable healthcare. He also ran ads in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. 

As for Ohio, polling shows O’Connor is scarcely tied with Republican Troy Balderson in a competition to attain Rep. Pat Tiberi, who resigned. The district hasn’t inaugurated a Democrat given a 1980s, according to Vox. 

“Danny O’Connor embodies Midwest values of caring for family members and fighting for medical for all,” Barkan said. “He represents a new call of care who understands what Americans need, generally after a knowledge of his possess mom who had breast cancer. We can count on him to strengthen a right to healthcare.”


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