After Ice Bucket Challenge, what now for ALS research?

November 28, 2014 - als

The Ice Bucket Challenge was cool, indeed a officious wintry approach to lift recognition and supports for a conflict opposite ALS this summer. It led to $100 million in donations.

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But now that a continue has turned, it’s time spin to something new and one choice is volunteering with people who have ALS.

Steve Saling, who has ALS, uses a special computerized wheelchair to speak. He helped pattern a vital space in Chelsea that is “green” and engineered to make life easy for those with a disease.

Saling pronounced there are many with ALS who need help.

“Volunteering your time to assistance someone with ALS can make a surpassing disproportion in their life,” he said. “It is not hard, though does need a lot of calm and care for others.”

One approach to be a “driving force” for ALS investigate is to present your automobile to a ALS Family Foundation. Just like money it’s taxation deductible.

Some companies will compare what we give, only go to to see if your does.

You can also partner with Compassionate Care ALS to try to emanate a new fundraising fad.

Another choice to learn some-more about a investigate for a heal is to debate a ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge. It’s a biggest ALS lab in a universe and has focused on anticipating a heal for a decade.

“You will learn on all a swell we have done in a final 15 years,” pronounced Dr. Steven Perrin.

ALS is a really severe disease, though there is hope.

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