ALS afflicts many veterans of a military

November 10, 2015 - als

Over a past year, a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has finished a extensive pursuit of resplendent a light on
a harmful disease. In light of Veterans Day on Wednesday, we wish to pierce recognition to an
alarming ALS statistic.

Military veterans — regardless of a bend of service, regardless of a epoch in that they
served, and regardless of either they served during a time of assent or a time of fight — are during a
greater risk of failing from ALS than if they had not served in a military.

ALS attacks a engine neurons in a mind and spinal cord. When a engine neurons start to
waste away, it causes a detriment of flesh control. Eventually, a case is trapped inside his or her
own physique incompetent to move, speak, eat or breathe. My mom was diagnosed with ALS when she was
undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Because there is no effective diagnosis for ALS and the
prognosis is terminal, her cancer diagnosis was consummated immediately. She died a year after from

The augury of 2-5 years. of life for those with ALS hasn’t altered given Yankees good Lou
Gehrig was diagnosed behind in a 1930s.

Organizations such as a ALS Association Central Southern Ohio Chapter are operative to
help people in a village with ALS, including veterans, accept a best caring and benefits

Unfortunately, there is no heal for ALS today. But together we are providing services and care,
and we can help.

To learn some-more about giveaway services for those with ALS and to bond to a internal chapter, go to:


Executive director

The ALS Association Central Southern Ohio Chapter


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