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November 14, 2014 - als

CEDAR RAPIDS — Troy Musser’s eyes and grin exhibit a male who so desperately wants to keep up. With people. With conversations. With life.

“What is not operative really good is my arms and fingers,” Musser admits from his wheelchair inside his Cedar Rapids home.

Staff Sergeant Musser survived tours of avocation in a Iowa Army National Guard in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, for a final 3 years, he has lived with ALS, amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In May 2012, a KCRG-TV9 form on Musser showed him during a time where he had problem restraining his shoes. That was a many external pointer of his flesh and coordination atrophy.

More than dual years later, a 32-year-old maestro is now regulating a motorized wheelchair to get around his house. His legs work though his top limbs do not reason many strength or coordination anymore.

“I can’t travel really well, or during all right now, though we can still mount adult and send from my bed to my chair,” pronounced Musser.

Looking over a earthy stipulations that an ALS studious typically experiences, Musser is also operative by a solid decrease in speech, abyss in respirating and, in some instances, swallowing.

“I can still eat whenever we want,” he said. “I only can’t feed myself. About dual months ago, we got a feeding tube.”

Musser’s debate is now deliberate, where any syllable requires endless effort. His mind stays pointy and he wants to keep adult with a chatter.

After a summer swell in amicable media where thousands of people lifted millions of dollars for ALS investigate and support by Ice Bucket Challenges, Musser lives with this incorrigible illness with any breath, any word.

He called this summer, where some-more than $80 million flowed in for ALS investigate and support, “absolutely amazing” and Musser has taken a really manifest purpose in permitting people to see his condition.

“Totally extraordinary how one chairman could start that sequence greeting and how people of all walks of life were doing it,” Musser noted.

As he tries to live a manifest life in Cedar Rapids from his wheelchair, Musser wants people to proceed him in restaurants or during hockey games. He wants their questions. He wants to speak about this illness that has physically enervated a male who could govern 123 push-ups in dual mins while in a Army.

“I prided myself on being physically fit and that’s how we got my nickname, ‘The Machine’,” Musser pronounced with an easy laugh.

His past was one of achievement, from wrestling and football during North Cedar. After his 2000 graduation, Musser’s commitments in a Iowa Army National Guard led to portion in apart fight zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now Troy Musser should be in a honeyed mark of life. He’s a father of a four-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son.

“They always have smiles on their faces and always wanting to share with me what their day was and any extraordinary things that happened during school.”

His immature children live in city with their mom and Musser pronounced they do come over to revisit mixed times any week.

The ALS Association pronounced about 5,600 Americans are diagnosed with a illness any year and a normal life outlook of a studious after diagnosis is about dual to 5 years. Some patients do live longer, with about 20% of ALS patients flourishing 5 years after diagnosis.

Musser has already upheld 3 years given his diagnosis. He pronounced he skeleton to stay in his home as prolonged as possible.

The troops has personal his ALS diagnosis as service-related, definition that a VA will cover many of a costs of treatment, including when a illness progresses to a indicate where Musser will need round-the-clock medical care.

Yet a amusement will poke by a jail that Troy’s physique is solemnly becoming. He remarked that cake is one of a dishes that is formidable for him to swallow, since of a unsuitable texture.

When we remarked that, perhaps, we should not move him a cake subsequent month when he turns 33, Musser smiled and laughed.

“I’ll still eat it.”

How ALS Progresses After Diagnosis from a ALS Association Home Page:

“Motor neurons strech from a mind to a spinal cord and from a spinal cord to a muscles via a body. The on-going lapse of a engine neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When a engine neurons die, a ability of a mind to trigger and control flesh transformation is lost. With intentional flesh movement gradually affected, patients in a after stages of a illness might turn totally paralyzed.” For some-more information, we can revisit a ALS Association of Iowa’s website.

The Effect of a 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge:

The ALS Association reports some-more than $100 million in donations from Jul 29 to Aug 29 of this year, distant some-more than a $2.8 million lifted during a same 31-day time duration in 2013.

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