ALS ONE raises over $6 million towards treatment, anticipating heal for disease

April 4, 2017 - als

Joey and Jake Gosnell are partial of a vital legacy. Their father, Kevin Gosnell, died of ALS final August, though not before he launched a substructure with a goal to find treatments and a cure.

ALS ONE is a Boston-based partnership that brings together a best doctors, researchers and caring practitioners, as good as a fundraising arm that fuels their efforts.

“Everyone dependent with this illness is so ardent about it since there’s no diagnosis and there’s no cure,” Joey Gosnell said.

Dr. Merit Cudkowicz, arch of neurology during Massachusetts General Hospital, pronounced a landscape is finally changing for ALS, and there is some-more wish than ever for drugs that will delayed down a widespread of a disease.

“I’m unequivocally carefree that this summer we’ll have a new drug that’s underneath examination during a FDA right now called edaravone,” she said. “So, maybe we’re articulate a integrate of months for a new drug. From a drugs that ALS ONE is operative on, I’m anticipating that within a year we’ll have unequivocally good formula from a few of a drugs that are already in clinical trials.”

Now in a second year, ALS ONE has also done good strides in studious care. Kevin Gosnell always knew he wouldn’t be there for a cure, though a group he assembled, his mother and his sons, are committed to find it in his memory.

“I always contend I’d rather have him for 18 years than a unchanging father for 80, since he’s that special,” Joey Gosnell said.

In only 15 months, ALS ONE has lifted over $6 million. If we would like to support a foundation, there are dual events we can attend this week.

Tuesday: Eat to Defeat

Thursday:Boston Beats ALS

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