ALS Patient Continues to Race 3 Years After Diagnosis

July 26, 2017 - als

August outlines a 3-year anniversary of a Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral materialisation that available everybody from U.S. President Donald Trump to Rare Disease Report’s really possess Jim Radke transfer a bucket of ice H2O over their heads in an bid to lift recognition for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Next month is also, however, 3 years given triathlete and marathoner Andrea Peet began to think that she had a singular condition that held a internet’s attention.
In early 2014, Peet had struggled with indications of an illness that had nonetheless to be identified. Her symptoms enclosed a occasionally inability to clap, changes in her voice, and parsimonious hamstring muscles, a final of that she primarily suspected was a effect of a 5 triathlons in that she participated that year. She visited a neurologist from Johns Hopkins and left but a diagnosis.
She told ESPN that she began examination a plea videos with a “morbid fascination.”
Watching a videos familiarized Peet with what she started to assume was her condition. She revisited Johns Hopkins in late Aug and left with a acknowledgment of an ALS diagnosis. The on-going neurodegenerative illness affects a mind and spinal cord, and ordinarily leads to paralysis. The normal lifespan after diagnosis is 2-5 years.
After withdrawal a sanatorium and returning to her hotel room, Peet and her father Dave found condolence in a video detected on YouTube of Jon Blais, a former Ironman triathlete who finished a World Championship in Hawaii after being diagnosed with ALS. She was dynamic to find a competition in that she could compete, with a mindset that her subsequent could be her last.
By September, Peet was purebred for a 2014 Ramblin’ Rose scurry triathalon, hosted annually in North Carolina by Endurance Magazine. With a supine bicycle instead of a customary bike due to her balancing issues, and her best crony Julie Wesner racing alongside of her, Peet finished a competition in 3 hours and 23 mins – The twin placed 564th and 565th out of 565 sum participants.
“It was like a biggest thing that ever happened,” Peet said. “It only altered everything.”
After her new accomplishment, Peet incited racing into an advocacy effort, as she challenged her friends to competition and lift income for ALS research. By 2016, her self-starter, a Team Drea Foundation, had lifted some-more than $165,000.
In June, a group participated in a Tri-State Trek, and is now formulation to attend in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon in September.
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