ALS supporters start new message, ‘Every Aug until a cure’

August 17, 2015 - als

This time final year, a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was stuffing Facebook feeds opposite a world. Now, supporters are kicking off turn dual with a summary “Every Aug until a cure.”

One internal family understands people might see it as final year’s fad, though for them, ALS is bland life.

In August 2014 a primogenitor of a Shirley family, Daren Shirley, was fighting a daily conflict with a illness that spurred a Ice Bucket Challenge. Daren had been diagnosed on Jul 16 a year before. His family says it was on a round margin that they initial noticed something was wrong. 

“He didn’t have a zip on a round like he used to,” Daren’s son Creighton said. “He only couldn’t chuck unequivocally hard.”

“He got to where he couldn’t throw,” mother Amy Shirley explained. “He suspicion he had a pinched nerve.”

Soon doctors reliable Daren was battling a same illness as a round fable it was named after, Lou Gherig. 

“It’s a beast disease,” Daren common regulating a special device that marks his eye movements. 

“Monster disease. Monster,” his mother Amy echoed. “It takes divided all good not everything. It can’t take divided his suggestion and his adore for his family.”

Amy has watched as a illness stole Daren’s ability to travel and speak. 

“I couldn’t do it though her and a kids they unequivocally take caring of me,” Daren shared. 

When Daren had a trach put in, it was Ice Bucket Money donated to a internal ALS Association Georgia section that paid for a generator. 

“If we have no power, we can’t suction him. He won’t be means to breathe though his machine,” Amy explained. 

“You don’t comprehend all a things we need and all a things we have to change in a home,” Daren shared.  “We had to dilate all a doors, transform a bathroom. Build ramps in and out ofthe house. Things we never consider about.”

[Click here to present to a ALS Association of Georgia]

Amy says a generator is a small bit of assent of mind, when it can be tough to come by. 

“I don’t consider a lot of people comprehend what a family with ALS goes through,” she said. “There’s a strain that we dedicated to him that says we will mount by him and we will until he end. I’ll quarrel for him.”

The Shirley family says it has done it by a formidable tour with a assistance of family, friends and a internal church.

“My shelter and faith in God keeps me going,” Daren shared.  “The illness brought me behind to God. It is tough sometimes, though I’m going to keep fighting.”

The ALS Association Georgia section has committed $300,000 over a subsequent 3 years in extend supports to be used by internal families battling ALS as a outcome of a Ice Bucket Challenge. Click here to learn more. 

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