ALS survivor says pot saved her, fights to legalize it

September 6, 2015 - als

PARRISH, Fla. — When we lift adult to a home of Bob and Cathy Jordan and see a FLCAN sign, we know accurately what they mount for.

“We’re prosaic out legalization though regulate,” pronounced Bob.

Cathy has Lou Gehrig’s illness or ALS. It’s lethal and there’s no famous cure. But, she is a 30-year survivor of it. The married integrate of 33 years attributes that to marijuana.

“It’s a terrible disease, we consider it’s a misfortune illness out there,” Bob said.

“She goes 10 days but cannabis, during a many 10 days, her twitching comes back, she starts drooling.”

A alloy told Cathy during a age of 36 she had 3 to 5 years to live. Having zero to lose, she motionless to fume a form of pot called Myakka Gold. Now, 3 decades later, she’s anticipating to assistance others make it by like she has.

The Jordans are partial of a organisation pulling a list beginning to undisguised legalize marijuana. They need some-more than 680,000 signatures to get a magnitude before electorate in 2016. Right now, they have about 1,000.

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The Florida Sheriffs Association has been one of their biggest opponents. FSA helped derail a Nov 2014 opinion to concede medical marijuana.

“It’s a rascal folks and anybody that consider it’s anything other than that is smoking marijuana,” pronounced former FSA boss Sheriff Grady Judd behind in 2014.

“They consider medical pot is a front for legalization. They come out opposite it, fine and we’re observant good if that’s what we consider we’re perplexing to do afterwards let’s do that. Let’s make it legal.”

With this list initiative, they have a prolonged approach to go. As for now, Cathy can continue to heal herself by pot with a singular medical prerequisite invulnerability as they quarrel for all to be means to use it.

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