ALS: Veteran Bradley Michels Denied Testing For Neurological Disease By VA …

January 4, 2015 - als

ALS: Veteran Bradley Michels Denied Testing For Neurological Disease By VA After 10 Years Of Service Dies

By Amanda Bernocco | Jan 01, 2015 05:11 PM EST

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A U.S. Air Force maestro grown ALS shortly after his 10-year service, though a VA refused to exam him for it and he died from a disease.

“I beheld his health decrease right after he got out of a military…right after he spotless adult after Desert Storm,” maestro Bradley Michels’ mother Janie told KLTV, an ABC affiliate. “He started carrying neurological problems…he had a slurred voice sometimes, and he started carrying cramps in a balls of his feet that went into his knee and into his thigh.” 

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The integrate approached a VA mixed times seeking to have Michels tested for ALS, a degenerative neurological disease, though they were denied and refused incapacity benefits. 

Michels was in a Air Force from 1986 by 1996. During that time he was stationed in South Korea, Germany and Arizona. Janie told KLTV he desired portion his nation though voiced beating when it wasn’t there for him when he fell ill. 

The symptoms began to uncover shortly after he came home in 1996, though it wasn’t until 3 weeks ago that a neurological alloy concluded to exam Michels for a disease. He tested certain for ALS, though a integrate was still denied advantages from a VA, Janie explained to KLTV. 

Michels died final week during age 47, due to ALS. 

“We shouldn’t have to quarrel anymore,” Janie pronounced to KLTV. “This is only wrong. We have no approach to compensate lease and utilities, no approach to buy groceries.” 

Michels’ physique was donated for ALS investigate after his death, that was his final wish. 

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