ALS victim’s final request: ‘I wish to have LeBron James come and revisit me’

November 21, 2016 - als

But for this Willard resident, a misfortune distress began Jan. 4, 2014, when he was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

This incorrigible on-going neurodegenerative illness affects haughtiness cells in a mind and a spinal cord. It breaks down muscles slowly, impacting a approach a chairman moves, until it eventually reaches a flesh critical for nutritious life, murdering a victim.

He after schooled he also has non-Hodgkins lymphoma — a cancer that starts in cells called lymphocytes, that are partial of a body’s defence system.

Because his ALS and cancer are in a modernized stages, Barnard has been given customarily weeks to a few months to live.


He skeleton to use that time posterior what he is job his “death wish” — a assembly with Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James. Barnard wants to remonstrate James to assistance start an ALS investigate fundraising bid that would engage Cleveland’s 3 vital sports teams.

“It affects everyone. Everyone I’ve talked to knows someone or has someone in a family that has Lou Gehrig’s disease,” pronounced Barnard, who is vital during a Willows in Willard and receiving Stein Hospice care. “I wish to exterminate this so others won’t have to go consummate this terrible disease.

“It’s a misfortune one we can presumably have,” he added. “It’s vicious how we die. The final flesh to go is your diaphragm and afterwards we stifle and die. we do not wish to be kept alive on a feeding tube or a ventilator unless my kids and family wish to come in and see me one final time.

“And afterwards they’ll lift a plug.”

Barnard, a customarily strong, impersonal man, began to cry during this indicate during a interview. “I don’t wish them to see me stifle and die,” he said. “I only wish to exterminate this terrible illness so others won’t have to go by it. It’s a misfortune illness we can presumably have. Cancer is bad enough. we don’t know that one will kill me fist.”

He pronounced he would “rather have a mind aneurysm. “I’d be left discerning and wouldn’t feel any pain with a mind aneurysm.”

Barnard pronounced he contemplated self-murder yet eventually let go of that thought, selecting instead to concentration on his final mission.

“I only wish to have LeBron James come and revisit me as my genocide wish,” he said.

For Barnard’s plan, a Cavaliers, Browns and Indians any would have yearly fundraising efforts for ALS research. The group that raises a many income would accept a trophy. If one of a other dual teams comes out on tip a subsequent year, afterwards a prize would be upheld on to that team.

“This would be a Lou Gehrig’s prize for a owners to have to arrangement in his gymnasium of trophies to have a bragging rights and to make themselves feel flattering good, meaningful they helped lift a many income for Lou Gehrig’s illness research.”

While Barnard doesn’t have a prize yet, he has ideas about how teams could lift money.

Among his suggestions are a sale of autographed sell and raffles for a right to chuck a initial representation during an Indians diversion or take a half-court shot — and win a automobile if it goes in — during a Cavs game.

Barnard pronounced James is a ideal chairman to classify this.

“He’s got a heart of gold. If he knew what we wanted to do, he’d be right here, station there articulate to me right now,” Barnard said. “But it’s so tough to get a reason of him. we wish to have LeBron’s James assistance me with my genocide wish.”

On Friday, Barnard listened from a Dream Foundation, that grants wishes to adults battling depot illnesses, and a ALS Association. The organizations pronounced they could get Cavs tickets for him, his family and dual nurses and try to arrange a assembly with James — yet there were no promises a latter will happen.

Barnard also wants to strech out to Ohio State football manager Urban Meyer to get his team’s support in a prize and fundraising efforts.

“I urge each night that if we get this (Lou Gehrig’s trophy) done, we can die peacefully,” he said.

Barnard pronounced he’s not losing hope, though, no matter how it works out. He pronounced if James can't accommodate with him, he competence try to hit Hillary Clinton, a former U.S. secretary of state and Democratic presidential hopeful who recently mislaid her bid for a White House.

He pronounced he hopes his use to a nation will play in his favor. He served in a Army for 3 years, afterwards severed as a U.S. diplomat underneath President Richard Nixon. At a age of 22, he was one of a youngest to get such a position, Barnard said.

“If we tell her everything, she only competence only come,” Barnard said.

Barnard also served as a mail conduit in Norwalk, where his mother still lives.

“If they could only find a approach to exterminate this terrible disease,” he said. “I consider that’s because God has let me live a few some-more weeks so we can get this done. we wish no one to have to go by this anymore. we only wish we could have during slightest 10 some-more years so we can see my grandkids grow up.”

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