ALS travel draws thousands of people and some-more than $110000 for research

November 1, 2015 - als

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Considering this weekend’s holiday, we competence extol Ben Tucker and his family for their supernatural similarity to a Robertson house on Duck Dynasty during Saturday morning’s Walk to Defeat ALS. But, this is a Tuck Dynasty family and there are no tricks behind their attire.

“At heart, father was a family man,” Tucker pronounced as he described his dad.

Tucker stood beside his father James, or Butch, as his desired ones called him, as he fought a conflict with ALS.

“The initial instance that we remember is a diversion of bowling that we were doing,” Tucker said. “He went to play and he forsaken a round and he reached out and looked during his palm and like that felt weird.”

Ben is only one infantryman in an army of people fighting for ALS awareness; a bold onslaught that has radically no starting point.

“They’re not sure, we know, genetically where people get it,” Tucker said. “There’s only not a lot famous about it.”

But, it positively has an finish point, one that comes too fast for these patients.

“What we mislaid currently that we had yesterday,” Cassie Barber, Executive Director of Alabama Chapter, said.

According to a ALS Association, half of all people influenced with ALS live during slightest 3 years or some-more after diagnosis. Without a cause, Barber pronounced it’s formidable to find a cure. But, these support systems won’t give up.

“Once we know someone who has ALS, ALS is your life too,” Barber said.

The Alabama section has a idea of $245,000 for 2015. As of a start of Saturday’s travel during 11:00 a.m., they lifted $113,000.

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