An Artist With a Big, Blue Heart Fights ALS

December 11, 2014 - als

Finding success during an early age, Tobie Giddio began illustrating advertisements for Bergdorf Goodman shortly after graduating from college. The ads were rather iconic and ran by a finish of a ’80s. During that time, a fad of Tobie’s burgeoning career was gradual with a fact that many of her new friends and mentors within New York City’s conform village were failing from AIDS. In a face of a crisis, she felt compelled to assistance in any approach she could, including volunteering with GMHC.

Flash-forward 3 decades after and Tobie is again confronting a oppressive existence of another lethal “A-word” disease, this time it’s ALS. It recently killed her crony (and my partner) Randy and it’s a illness that is solemnly holding a life of another crony who is really tighten to her heart.

“I schooled about ALS since an aged crony was diagnosed,” pronounced Tobie. “When we found out, we went online and detected what was going to occur to him and schooled how impossibly isolated, underfunded and abandoned this illness was. It was shocking. That routine non-stop adult a new universe of knowledge, suspense and consolation for me… we competence contend it non-stop adult my heart.”

Tobie during work, Photo by Billy Erb, Courtesy of Mark Malinowski

Still a rarely sought after conform illustrator for clients like Vogue, Tiffany Co. and Neiman Marcus, Tobie now has re-channeled her talent to also turn a remarkable artist. As partial of this artistic transformation, Tobie’s enterprise was to use her talent and appetite to do something to privately assistance those with ALS. Poetically, she encountered an roughly other-worldly impulse while meditating during ALS Awareness Month, providing her with a artistic answer to her prayers.

“I wanted to emanate a square during ALS Awareness month that would ideally enthuse hope, and designate a strength and bravery of a people fighting ALS. This was months before a ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ and many people were still in a dim about ALS during a time,” she said.

By literally opening her mind and her heart, Tobie combined a square called “Big Blue Heart.” Drawing parallels to what she saw and gifted with a AIDS predicament in a ’80s and ’90s, “Big Blue Heart” depicts Tobie’s enterprise for a heal for ALS, another illness that has privately altered her life forever.

“Big Blue Heart,” Photo Courtesy of Mark Malinowski

Tobie said:

“It was a defence of a heart and from a heart, for a cure. It was a enterprise for tie and a strength in fastening together to assistance quarrel a illness that has taken so many from people. Really, we wanted to assistance give a voice to people with ALS and their desired ones and caregivers. ”

Proving a energy of a heart, “Big Blue Heart” was recently donated by Tobie to lift income to support work that literally gives a voice to people with ALS. Led by John Costello, a executive of a Augmentative Communication Program during Boston Children’s Hospital, this work facilities a summary banking module that allows people with ALS to record and “bank” responses to questions while they still can speak. Then, when they fundamentally remove that ability, a recordings yield a person’s own, healthy voice to promulgate contra a standard, robotic voice that comes from computer-support systems.

Along with voice banking, a module also provides an array of services that use record and special techniques to assistance people with ALS communicate. Unfortunately, a direct for a program’s services is overshadowed by a fact that word doesn’t cover a cost of many augmentative support needs. There is also no loyal module budget. To learn more, revisit here.

Mark Malinowski is a selling executive and continues a quarrel opposite ALS begun by his partner Randy Pipkin.

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