Ancira family mourns family mama who died from ALS

August 5, 2015 - als

SAN ANTONIO – August is a inhabitant month for a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and one internal family is anguish a dear family member who died from a disease.

Martha Falke, mom to Robin Ancira, died in Jun of an apparent cardiac part associated to her conflict with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS) also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The family is understanding of a Ice Bucket Challenge all month, though is focusing courtesy on anticipating a heal with a ALS Walk to Defeat ALS.

She said, “We couldn’t figure out since she was dropping things and since she was falling. That started about 7 years ago. There were neurosurgeons, chiropractors, and osteopaths. No one held on.”  The routine of rejecting took 4 years.

Granddaughter, Apr Ancira said, “I consider there’s a clarity of rejection about ALS since it’s not an certain diagnosis. It’s simply finished by statute out others, we still think maybe it’s something else.”  But for a Ancira it was not. Falke went from conform model, Air Force wife, conform commentator, author, designer, mom and active good grandmother to a wheelchair-bound studious struggling to breathe. On Father’s Day her conflict opposite ALS was mislaid suddenly. 

Robin Ancira pronounced it was so discerning that a family hardly had time to digest it all. “She was stranded to a chair and she couldn’t do her possess caring during all, though she was totally there mentally.”  April Ancira agreed, “I approaching her to arrange of finish adult in a sleepier state and afterwards we contend goodbye, and design to see her shouting one notation and have a part a following day.”

Looking back, they see how a illness took a fee on a whole family. It’s one of a reasons they contend they will join a quarrel for a cure. “The cost of remedy is astronomical for this. There’s usually one remedy for this and it is to usually retard a progress,” Robin Ancira notes. 

She pronounced those but correct word can't presumably keep adult with a medical needs of an ALS patient. She commended a ALS Association and University Health Science Center for their efforts to assistance families navigate through. 

If we would like to find out some-more about ALS we can conduct to a ALS Association of Texas’s website.

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