Around Broadneck: Community artists participating in ALS Boutique

November 6, 2017 - als

Several Broadneck artists will attend in a annual ALS Artisan Boutique in December.

Now in a 15th year, a ALS Artisan Boutique has lifted over $350,000 and overwhelmed large families.

Liz Sork, a Cape St. Claire artist, will showcase and sell her creations for a 14th year. These embody her flower-themed embellished wineglasses, and this year, a new creation; embellished ornaments.

Sork uses ethanol ink to pattern her epitome ornaments, that resemble ethereal impressionistic watercolors. Her wineglasses etch a lush flower, a la Georgia O’Keefe, so a chairman celebration from them has a knowledge of celebration a nectar of a flower.