At slightest a dozen NFL players have suffered from ALS

June 8, 2018 - als

The news this week has centered on a comfortless predicament of Dwight Clark, though during slightest 13 other NFL players have suffered from a deadly neurodegenerative illness ALS.

Seven had died from Lou Gehrig’s illness by a time Clark upheld divided Monday during age 61 — including 3 members of a 1964 49ers.

The high occurrence of amyotrophic parallel sclerosis among a veteran football village has led researchers to try links to a game. In 2012, sovereign researchers had determined that late pro football players were 4 times some-more expected to die from ALS than a ubiquitous U.S. population, that has 5 cases per 100,000 people.

The news relied on information from 3,439 ex-players who had been in a NFL during slightest 5 seasons from 1959 to 1988. Using genocide certificates as their basis, researchers also detected a players had triple a risk of genocide from mind diseases compared to other people.

Clark suspected football caused his condition. In a March 19, 2017 minute announcing his situation, a renouned receiver who is known for “The Catch” urged NFL and players kinship officials “to continue operative together in their efforts to make a diversion of football safer, generally as it relates to conduct trauma.”

But ALS stays one of a many formidable puzzles for medical researchers. Scientists have nonetheless to find a means for a illness that initial gained inhabitant courtesy 78 years ago by New York Yankees’ star Lou Gehrig.

“We know that a protein that gets expelled during stress, concussions and neurological repairs is concerned as a means for ALS as good as other neurodegenerative diseases,” Fred Fisher, boss and CEO of a ALS Association’s Golden West Chapter, told this news classification final year. “But there are people usually like we and me who finish adult removing a illness for no apparent reason.”

In late 2016, physicians during a Boston University Brain CTE Center announced they had found an ALS tie with a mind illness ongoing dire encephalopathy, that usually can be diagnosed in cadavers.   

Ann McKee, a center’s director, also pronounced during a time that 17 mind autopsies achieved on football and soccer actor suspicion to have died of ALS showed signs of CTE.

The investigate is distant from conclusive, heading families of athletes struggling with ALS to continue to pull for petrify answers.

“I urge for a heal and no some-more suspense and pang for those that have been overwhelmed by this horrific disease,” Chie Smith, a mother of former Raiders fullback Steve Smith, posted on Facebook on Monday.

Steve Smith, 53, is one of a 13 famous former NFL players to humour from ALS.

Here is a list of those players, starting with a ones who have died:

Gary Lewis, a using behind on a 49ers’ 1964 team. He died in Dec 1986 in Daly City during age 44.  Lewis, who grew adult in San Francisco, schooled he had ALS usually 3 weeks before dying, according to reports during a time.

Matt Hazeltine, a linebacker from Cal who also played on a ‘64 team. He died a month and a day after Lewis during age 53.

Bob Waters, a backup quarterback on a 1964 Niners, died in 1989 during age 50.  He was a dear manager during Western Carolina for dual decades publicly spotlighting ALS while remaining on a sideline.

Mickey Marvin, a ensure with a Raiders from 1977-87 who played on dual Super Bowl-winning teams. He died during age 61 dual weeks before Clark announced he also suffered from ALS.

Kevin Turner,  a fullback for New England and Philadelphia from 1992-99 died in 2016 during age 46. Turner had suffered from critical CTE that caused ALS, according to Boston physicians. In 2013, Turner told CNN, “I unequivocally trust that had we not played all those years, that we wouldn’t have this condition.”

Orlando Thomas, a Minnesota Vikings reserve from 1995-2001, died in 2014 during age 42. He was diagnosed with a condition in 2007.

Glenn Montgomery, a Houston and Seattle defensive tackle from 1989-96, died in 1998 during age 31 a year after removing diagnosed.

Steve Gleason, a New Orleans reserve from 2000-06, announced in 2011 that he has ALS. At 41, he is a star of “Gleason,” a film chronicling his life with a disease.

Steve Smith, a Raiders fullback from 1987-93, has lived with ALS given 2002  Smith, 53, breathes with a ventilator and cooking with a assistance of a feeding tube.

Tim Shaw, an NFL linebacker from 2007-2012 announced dual years after timid that he has ALS. Shaw, 34, once said, “I fun with people infrequently when they say, ‘What are we posterior right now?’ we tell them, ‘Today, I’m usually vital not to tumble over.’ It’s a joke, though not really.”

O.J. Brigance, an NFL linebacker from 1994-2002 was diagnosed with a illness in 2007. He’s 48.

William White, a Detroit, Kansas City and Atlanta reserve from 1988-98, schooled he had ALS in 2016. He’s 53.

Ricky Dixon, a cornerback who played in a NFL for 6 seasons, including in 1993 with a Raiders, got diagnosed with ALS in 2013.  Dixon’s family believes personification football led to his condition. He’s 51.

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