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March 10, 2015 - als

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — A few weeks ago, 11Alive common a moving story of 42-year-old Melissa Kern.

She had been battling crippling ALS for roughly a decade, and had reached a indicate where she could usually pierce her eyelid to communicate. While she fought a disease, her father Chris struggled to compensate a bills, removing zero from Social Security for incapacity benefits.

As we aired Melissa’s story, a Bill Liss got directly concerned with Social Security to press for those benefits. He finally succeeded. But as he did, tragedy suddenly struck. Yesterday, though warning and on her birthday, Melissa upheld away. Her father and 13-year-old son were nearby.

Melissa Kern fought bravely to stay alive. The family even built a special room for her so she could demeanour out in a backyard and see a trees, birds and squirrels. Through a nearby decade of her fighting for her life, her father Chris was during her side, fighting with equal solve to compensate all a bills.

For 7 prolonged years, he pleaded with Social Security to get Melissa her Social Security Disability Benefits–and for 7 prolonged years he was summarily incited down.

“I was told no–flat out abandoned during each turn–it was kind of heartbreaking,” he told 11Alive’s Bill Liss. “It’s been tough with someone who is so apparently infirm for them to repudiate it. A lot of times, not even to demeanour during any of a medical annals and things like that, since of one technicality. To repudiate it out of palm dismayed everybody.”

Most of all, it dismayed us. It was all since of a technical glitch. Melissa had not spent adequate months in a workplace.

Chris and her profession insisted that Social Security closely inspect medical annals and not only time spent in a workplace. But it was no use. They got nothing. They sole their residence and changed in with Melissa’s parents. Chris borrowed income to compensate for medicines. He still owes a nursing use some-more than $30,000.

11Alive worked on Holding a Powerful Accountable; we immediately took adult a quarrel to get a incapacity benefits. In only dual weeks, it finally paid off — though tragically, too late.

“It was a large whirlwind since it all happened in one day,” Chris explained to Liss. ” All of a remarkable we got raging voice mails from you, and we came home from lunch and they contend call Bill Liss, he needs to speak to you. And even before we arrive we get a call from Social Security. It was something we’d been watchful for for 7 years and it only happened within a march of a few hours.”



The Kern family — Melissa, her father Chris and their 12 year-old son — has had a really severe time a past 7 years. Forty-one-year-old Melissa is pang from modernized theatre ALS that has scarcely crippled her.

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