Bender children lift money, recognition for ALS

May 27, 2018 - als

By David Fong

TROY — Stan Bender and his mother Dee Dee have always finished all they presumably could to yield for and strengthen their 3 children.

They even attempted to strengthen them from a truth.

“My relatives didn’t tell us right away; they didn’t wish us to worry,” pronounced Madyson Bender, 22, whose father was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis — some-more ordinarily famous as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s illness — in Dec 2016. “That’s only how my father is. we was divided during college when they found out and they didn’t wish to weight us during first.”

ALS is a shaken complement illness that exceedingly weakens muscles and impacts flesh function. There is no famous heal for a disease, that gained worldwide courtesy in a summer of 2014 when a “Ice Bucket Challenge” went viral, lifting some-more than $100 million in donations for diagnosis and investigate of a disease.

With May being ALS Awareness Month, a 3 Bender children — sisters Madyson, Ireland and their hermit Tag — are anticipating to continue to lift both income and recognition for a disease. They are enlivening people to revisit their website,, in that all 3 take a “Hot Pepper Challenge.” The prohibited peppers plea is identical to a Ice Bucket Challenge, a disproportion being participants are speedy to eat a hottest peppers probable instead of transfer a bucket of ice H2O on themselves. All are speedy to present to ALS investigate while holding a challenge.

“It’s not an incorrigible disease, it’s an underfunded disease,” pronounced Madyson Bender, a Troy High School and Miami University connoisseur now operative for Hobart Food Equipment Group in Troy.

Stan Bender initial started saying health problems a small some-more than dual years ago. He primarily was diagnosed with “drop foot” and began removing diagnosis for that, yet his condition continued to deteriorate. After visiting specialists in St. Louis and Columbus, he was diagnosed with ALS.

Bender, who worked in blurb genuine estate and managed let properties, was forced into a wheelchair full time in 2017. His children contend a illness has taken a fee on his once untiring work ethic.

“He gets fatigued unequivocally easily,” pronounced Ireland Bender, a tyro during Miami University. “He used to arise adult during 5:30 or 6 a.m. and start work. He would work by lunch and not take a break. With me being divided during college now, we feel like we can see a differences in him a lot more, not saying him day-to-day. Sometimes we don’t see him for weeks during a time.”

Madyson pronounced it’s been formidable to watch such a clever male battling such a debilitating disease.

“They told us they believed it was a slow-progressing form of ALS, yet it doesn’t seem delayed to us,” she said. “Starting this past fall, he unequivocally started losing a lot of his flesh movement. He can’t trifle cards anymore. He can’t open a H2O bottle by himself anymore. There’s a lot of things he used to do that he struggles with now. When we speak to him, we can tell a disproportion in his voice.”

Through it all, though, all 3 Bender children determine their father has continued to do his best to yield for his family and put them initial in his life.

“He’s been an impulse to us,” pronounced Tag, a beginner during Troy High School. “We’ve never listened him complain. He always puts us first. In a lot of ways, this has brought us all closer.”

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