Beth’s bucket list: ALS disciple now diagnosed with lethal disease

June 17, 2016 - als

Suffolk, Va. – Beth Prever has helped lift scarcely $800,000 for ALS investigate with a JT Walk, quite given of her passion to assistance others. Now, in a bizarre spin of fate, she has been diagnosed with a rare, lethal and incorrigible disease.

“I only sobbed,” pronounced Prever after training of her diagnosis in dual months ago. “I suspicion how can this be?”

Prever initial began carrying debate issues final August. After 8 months of tests and surgery, doctors detected she had ALS in April.

“I`ve seen it firsthand,” she said, reflecting on many patients she has met by fundraising for a JT Walk with Towne Bank given 2009. “It`s a appalling disease.”

Prever was diagnoses with Bulbar ALS. It primarily destroys engine neurons inspiring speech.  Prever knows it is tough to know her when she speaks.

“In my conduct we cruise we can speak right, and afterwards I’ll contend something and it doesn`t come out,” she explained.

Prever pronounced she now has good use of her arms and legs, though doctors can't contend how prolonged it could be before she loses mobility.

According to a ALS Association, 6,400 people in a U.S. are diagnoses with ALS any year. They guess 20,000 Americans might be vital with ALS, and 2 per 100,000 people could rise a disease.  Most people die 5 years after diagnosis.  There is no famous means or a cure.

“I don`t cruise it a genocide sentence,” Prever said. “I`m selecting to live my life ALS.”

Dedicated to creation memories, Prever has grown a Bucket List. She is already set to go skydiving in July, though here are a equipment on a list she anticipating to complete:

  • Meet Jon Bon Jovi during his Runaway Tour in New York City in July
  • Take a girls’ outing to NYC to see a Broadway play “Hamilton” and “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”
  • Salmon fishing in Alaska
  • White H2O rafting
  • Visit Montana to see God’s country, buffalo, and fly fish
  • Another girls’ outing to Napa Valley

“It’s creation memories,” Prever pronounced by tears.

Prever pronounced her faith is strong, and she believes God will spin this around for her.

“I wish to leave a bequest of faith in God, and amatory others and being of service,” she said.

You can assistance support Prever’s quarrel opposite ALS during this year’s JT Walk. Sign adult for a travel and present now.

Prever was also a dedicated member for a Crossfit village before her diagnosis. News 3 featured her 100-pound weight detriment tour in Oct 2014.

Now, she is job on a Crossfit gyms to join a Beth WOD (workout of a day) as a fundraiser for her long-term health caring needs.  It’s a $25 concession to participate.  You can pointer adult by emailing

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