Body Slamming ALS set for Jan. 21 in Frankford

December 29, 2016 - als

When internal businessman Tim Hill was diagnosed with ALS in 2014, he set out on a goal to assistance other people who were diagnosed with this terrible neurodegenerative disease. By means of fundraising, Hill’s charity, 10-Mile Miracle for ALS, is means to yield patients on Delmarva with desperately indispensable medical apparatus and supplies, among other several apparatus these patients need, but a normal official red tape. This year, TMM has assimilated army with United Wrestling Alliance to announce their annual fundraising event, Body Slamming ALS.

This wrestling event, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 21, will underline some of a best wrestling talent on a East Coast. Making a special coming during a event, to be reason during a Frankford Fire Company, is WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana. The gift hopes to fill a venue, with 450 tickets on sale to a public. Hill, an ALS studious himself, skeleton to take partial in a conflict stately match.

Tickets are on sale now – $20 ubiquitous admission, $5 for children 10 years aged and under. To squeeze tickets or present to TMM, go to

When asked, “Why a wrestling event?” Hill kindly smiles and explains that he binds these forms of fundraisers to “give wish to others – do a things they contend ALS patients can’t.” After his diagnosis of ALS in Apr 2014, Hill started to fast remove strength and was walking with a assist of a cane. His doctors told Hill to go home and “get your affairs in order,” 5 difference that roughly each chairman diagnosed with ALS hears many too often.

After thousands of prayers, good medical caring and lots of earthy therapy, Hill solemnly regained his strength and was means to travel 10 miles solo, from Dewey Beach to Bethany Beach in Nov 2014. His 10-mile travel was usually a beginning. His travel in 2014 lifted supports for internal ALS patients and brought recognition of this debilitating disease. Hill, with a assistance of his family and co-workers, went on to reason his second annual fundraiser. In Oct 2015, 13,500 Feet For ALS was reason during a Laurel Airport. Hill, with 5 tighten friends and family by his side, sky-dived and again was means to lift supports and awareness. Again this year, Hill will do something that many would consider an ALS studious couldn’t do.

All of a income donated to a gift goes directly to support internal ALS patients on Delmarva. Hill privately covers all of a executive costs associated to a charity. None of a supports lifted by a gift are used for Hill’s personal ALS treatment. Thanks to a munificence of donors, TMM has been means to extend each singular ask for help. These requests embody medical equipment, transportation, in-home studious care, assistive devices, wheelchair ramps, medicine, food and so many more. However, a need is good and a gift continues to find support from donors.

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