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December 16, 2016 - als

EAST PEORIA — When Penny Underhill non-stop a doors of her residence Wednesday afternoon to accept a Bradley University freshman, she didn’t know what to expect. Little did she know that it wasn’t only another regular visit.

With her mom and stepdad by her side, AsiaKai Dang, 18, handed Greg Underhill’s wife a $5,000 check from a Chicago-based module called VING Project.

Backed adult by an unknown family, a plan gives teenagers an event to warn a honourable chairman with what they call a “boost.”

Greg Underhill is a former East Peoria firefighter who was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, a on-going neurodegenerative illness that affects haughtiness cells in a mind and a spinal cord, about 3 years ago.

A surprised and impressed Penny Underhill pronounced a income came during a right time and that she is intensely beholden for a support she has been receiving a final few years.

“I am aged adequate now to comprehend what it means to be partial of a community,” Penny Underhill said. “Paying brazen comes back. Greg and we worked in this village for years, and we consider we both have been useful in a possess way. we see so many people assisting and their children assisting and I realized that’s how a village works. One chairman helps another, who helps another, who helps another. It just keeps going around. You only take caring of any other, and that’s what this village is about.”

Earlier this year, after saying East Peoria firefighter Drew Rubel start a Go Fund Me page for Greg Underhill, Dang satisfied she couldn’t minister a lot, being a college student. She afterwards remembered saying a guest orator for VING in one of a conferences she attended as a clamp boss of tyro legislature while still in high school.

“I remember meditative ‘I am 18 and we can do this instead,'” Dang said. “I consider it’s an overwhelming project.”

In her VING assignment video, Dang talked about a Underhills’ conflict and pronounced that “we all merit a possibility of happiness, in some way, figure or form.”

Although a module usually hands out $1,000 checks, VING executive Alli Neff pronounced they were so impressed by a Underhills’ story and a support they have been receiving from a community that they motionless to boost a donation.

“With a holidays right around a corner, a additional VING boost felt like a right approach to assistance this family during this impossibly formidable time,” Neff said.

Fire Chief Alan Servis, Dang’s stepdad, has been one of Greg Underhill’s best friends for years. As Dang got aged adequate to be during a Fire Department, she got the possibility to accommodate Penny Underhill, a “super honeyed lady.” After Greg Underhill’s diagnosis, Dang saw adult tighten how much the whole family was influenced by it.

“Penny has had to give adult so much,” Dang said. “She used to possess a business and she had to stop operative and sell a car she was regulating for her job. Even their son stopped operative and is holding caring of Greg. we only consider it’s so unhappy she has to go by that during all, and to have a financial weight on tip of it.”

Dang knows that while a highlight of traffic with such a severe and unpleasant illness might be eased with love, the bills won’t go away. 

“As most as she is going through, we could give her a million dollars and it won’t make her feel better,” Dang said. “But anything to get absolved of a heartache and pain from carrying to conduct daily tools of your life we consider it’s a good thing. She can be endangered about him and spend some-more time with him rather than worrying how they are going to compensate a electric check that month.”

Although a life outlook of a chairman with ALS averages dual to 5 years after a diagnosis, many can live longer. Stephen Hawking, for instance, is severe doctors and has been vital with ALS for a final 54 years.

Dang’s mom, Cynthia, pronounced that this isn’t a initial time her daughter has taken a lead to assistance those in need. When a hurricane broken many homes in Washington, Cynthia pronounced Dang and her friends sole baked products to lift income for a families affected.

“I am so impressed by a fact that this is a day when we get to unequivocally wear a badge of mom,” Cynthia said, wiping divided tears. “She has always been that chairman that wants to improved a community, or improved herself or improved her friends.”


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