Castine Students Participate in Alternative ALS Challenge

November 17, 2014 - als

Joy Hollowell

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Students during Adams School in Castine got soppy Monday, and not since of a rain.

As Joy Hollowell tells us, they put a turn on a ALS H2O bucket challenge.

Like many, Castine propagandize principal Katie Frothingham was tagged on amicable media this summer to take partial in a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“And instead of responding,” says Frothingham, “I took a plea implications to a students.”

It incited into an whole trimester dedicated to training what ALS is, where income from a Ice Bucket Challenge goes, and so most more.

“We looked during a impact of aquifer lassitude and opposite a world,” says Frothingham, “what opposite perspectives would be of us regulating forms of daub or celebration H2O and either there are choice sources to use.”

“We did lots of H2O and wickedness of H2O and how H2O is used,” says 6th grader Amelia Griffith,”and how it is being used wrongly and correctly.”

Monday, a Pre-K by 8th class students braved cold and ironically, soppy continue during Back Shore Beach, where they collected for a perfection of their studies- an choice ALS bucket challenge.

First, students common what they learned, including a “Garbage Patch” song, sang to a tune of Monster Mash.

Then, a impulse they’d all been vibrating for. Instead of daub water, students dipped their buckets in a recyclable sea H2O of Penobscot Bay. On a count of 3, they doused a tainted H2O over their heads. Moments later, they headed for a regard of a propagandize train that would take them behind to school.

Money given to a challenge, as good as other school-sponsored fundraisers, will be donated to a Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, for their work with Lou Gehrig’s disease.
Additionally, a students studies a H2O bottle attention and a impact of plastics on the oceans. They also schooled about element security and either H2O was deliberate a partial of this.

The students chose Monday for their ALS Ice Bucket Alternative Challenge since it was an all-school open house.

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