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July 11, 2015 - als

It’s a hockey night in Boston.

“Hockey in July? It’s like Christmas in July,” Boston University fan Jun Simmons said.

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And everybody in a locus was in a giving mood Friday night during a initial annual Comm Ave Charity Classic for ALS.

It was Boston College opposite Boston University. Past players returned, and a adversary was thriving.

“We’ll put some of it aside for now, and only have some fun tonight. Everyone knows any other. We played opposite any other. So it’s good to have that adversary and competitiveness,” BU connoisseur Charlie Coyle said.

Pete Frates perceived a station acclaim for a hundreds of millions of dollars his Ice Bucket Challenge lifted for ALS.

While a Ice Bucket Challenge lifted income for ALS research, a income lifted Friday was going to patients and their families.

Families like Frates’.

“Which is smashing since we wish to assist a cure,” John Frates, Pete Frates’ father, said. “It’s people like Ron’s group, Compassionate Care ALS, that are doing God’s work behind a scenes.”

Ron Hoffman is a owner of Falmouth-based Compassionate Care ALS, a nonprofit that will use Friday night’s deduction for families vital with ALS to yield all from romantic support to medical equipment.

“It’s really high-end equipment. Equipment that brings some-more grace to their lives and creates their lives some-more manageable,” Hoffman said.

Ari Garber’s father, David Garber, is a late dentist from Falmouth and was diagnosed with ALS 6 years ago.

“CCALS has supposing a family with encumber vans, wheelchairs, communication devices. Everything we would be astounded that falls by a gaps of insurance,” Ari Garber said.

More than 3,500 people attended a eventuality Friday night and some-more than $40,000 was raised.

Boston University kick Boston College 7 – 5.

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