Community Comes Together to Support Retired Teacher & Coach Battling ALS

March 26, 2017 - als

A city comes together to assistance a internal male battling an assertive disease.

One Carlinville family recently detected their father has Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also famous as Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS).

A few months ago, Charlie Pohlman was diagnosed with ALS.

Pohlman’s friends orderly a 5K fundraiser to assistance him by this formidable tour and a village came together with an strenuous volume of support.

More than 900 people came out to support Pohlman.

“You know we have friends, family and people who their lives have been partial of your lives we only don’t design that many people to take a Saturday off and come and travel for you,” pronounced his mother Cathy Pohlman.

Pohlman, a late propagandize clergyman and lane manager from Girard, was recently diagnosed with a illness after he beheld he was losing his voice.

“He was carrying difficulty yelling during a lane boys to infrequently a things he wanted them to do,” pronounced Cathy.

She says her father has always been ardent about running.

He ran a Boston Marathon behind in a 80’s and could mostly be seen using before his prep period.

That’s since former tyro and now colleague, Ashley Creasey orderly this 5K run.

To lift donations for Pohlman and as he fights ALS.

“As shortly as we listened about it and suspicion what else do we do for a male like Charlie is that we have to run,” pronounced Creasey

Participants contend this run was critical to them since they wanted to give behind to a male who gave them so much.

“I had drivers Ed an hour before lunch so he would let us expostulate to Hardee’s and get lunch and make everybody else sceptical since we would travel in cheeseburgers and things and it worked since Charlie got lunch too,” Creasey added.

“He is a male who would assistance we whatever we needed,” pronounced Girard Middle School Assistant Principal John Downs.

“He is a bravest male we know,” pronounced Cathy.

Checks can be done out to North Mac Schools.

The Mailing residence is Ashley Creasey during 525 N. 3rd Street Girard, IL 62640.

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