Concord High Principal Gene Connolly advocates for ALS patients in Washington DC

May 15, 2016 - als

At a finish of a prolonged day on Capitol Hill, Gene Connolly’s routinely zippy scooter stuttered to a halt, a battery drained.

The Concord High School principal was also prepared for some recharging. He, mother Patty and daughter Ally Connolly Davis had spent a full eight-hour day buzzing around Washington, D.C., assembly with U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte and staff members of U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, as good as U.S. Reps. Annie Kuster and Frank Guinta, propelling all to support legislation to assistance out ALS patients.

It was a overpowering day by any standard, though Connolly was committed to soldiering through. After he and members of a ALS Association designed out a visits with member a day before, he shrugged off offers of a mid-day break.

“This is since we are here,” he said.

Connolly had finished a outing to D.C. to accommodate privately with a New Hampshire commission and disciple for ALS patients opposite a country, seeking legislators to support bills assisting those with ALS and opening adult some-more paths to a cure.

“If it doesn’t assistance us, it can assistance in a future,” Connolly’s daughter Ally told Ayotte.

Though a day was long, everybody resolved it was a success. The sleet clouds that had been unresolved over D.C. hold off, and Ayotte, Kuster and Guinta all listened earnestly to a Connollys’ story and were receptive to ancillary a ALS Association’s initiatives.

“It’s a good day,” Patty said. “Like Gene says, it’s what we’re here for.”

Sporting his brightest immature sweater and his white hair pulled into a parsimonious French braid, Connolly was a hit.

As he boarded a convey from his hotel to Capitol Hill, John Lewis, a male coordinating buses for a ALS Association, shook Connolly’s palm and told him to “give ’em ruin adult on a Hill.” He fist-bumped with a D.C. Metro train motorist as he left a convey and finished his approach adult to a House and Senate buildings.

Connolly upheld a time on breaks between meetings, spasmodic resting, and during one indicate holding his scooter out for a spin in an dull marble hallway, where he zigg-zagged behind and forth.

“You’re a categorical attraction,” his wife, Patty, laughed.

ALS Association of North New England Care Services manager Christine Richards agreed. As someone who spends time advocating for ALS, she knows a significance of senators and member conference from patients themselves.

“We can come here and pronounce a heads off,” she said. “You guys give feeling.”

Meeting with legislators

Connolly was good perceived everywhere, though he was welcomed as a crony in Kuster’s office. Kuster lives in Hopkinton and Patty Connolly, a manager and health clergyman during Hopkinton Middle/High School, had formerly taught her sons.

Kuster detonate out of her bureau when Connolly arrived.

“I am so blissful you’re here!” she exclaimed. “Look during you! Oh my god, you’re so great, take a spot.”

Connolly, who can no longer pronounce and mostly communicates by a voice synthesizing app on his iPad, asked his mother to pronounce on his behalf.

As she explained her husband’s knowledge with ALS to Ayotte during a initial assembly of a day, Patty pennyless down.

“I have a tough time,” she said, wiping tears away. “He has a lot some-more he wishes he could give as principal. If this illness hadn’t influenced him, he substantially would wish to work for another 10 years.”

Ayotte kindly listened, job Connolly a “hero” for his many years as an educator.

“It’s a covenant to all he’s finished as principal,” Ayotte said. “He’s an extraordinary principal.”

Key legislation

The Connollys went to Washington with Richards and Mauret Brinser of a ALS Association of Northern New England to run senators and member to take movement on 3 pieces of legislation now in Congress. One would discharge a five-month watchful duration for Social Security Disability Insurance for those vital with ALS. Another, called a Dormant Therapies Act, would give additional obvious protections for tiny and vast laboratories to be means to rise and marketplace diagnosis for ALS. The third is a check that would concede ALS patients to entrance formidable rehab therapies such as energy wheelchair accessories, mandating that Medicare and Medicaid compensate for them.

The beginning that Connolly can many advantage from now is a one focused on wheelchair accessories.

“Gene’s in a routine of now being totalled for energy wheelchairs and pieces of apparatus that he needs, and what he might need today, in dual weeks might be really different,” Richards said. “But since of a approach a legislation is now, if Gene needs a specific character of switching altered over, it might not be covered.”

For ALS patients, an tractable headrest and leg rest aren’t simply accessories, they are necessities, Richards said. And since a illness moves so quick and is unique, it’s unfit to tell what someone might need day to day or month to month.

But a Dormant Therapies Act, that opens adult some-more pathways to treatment, is also critical to a Connollys and many other families with ALS, as therapies for a illness are roughly nonexistent.

There is usually one FDA-approved remedy for ALS called Rilutek, though that usually extends a person’s life for 6 months in half of cases.

“It’s a faith that there are thousands of therapies sitting on shelves that just, somewhere there’s something that can assistance a clients,” Richards told legislators.

In a past, this theme has been huffy for lawmakers. Past legislation has asked for larger obvious protections for countless therapies, though this time, ALS advocates were only seeking for them to be extended for ALS research.

“The medical things to me is a many important,” Ally told Ayotte. “Getting pills out to people.”

Ayotte agreed, observant she would take a demeanour during a check and pierce to take movement on a other measures, including co-sponsoring legislation on wheelchair accessories and essay a minute to a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid propelling them to dump a five-month watchful duration for disability.

Kuster, Guinta and Shaheen’s staffers were likewise receptive. While Guinta pronounced he would have to take a closer demeanour during some of a initiatives before ancillary them, Kuster did not hesitate.

“I was meditative when we walked in, ‘The answer is yes, what is a question?’ ” she told a Connolly family.

At a assembly with Ayotte, a senator smiled during Connolly and told a organisation she didn’t consider they would have most of a problem winning over a New Hampshire delegation.

“You have your best disciple here,” she said. “You know, there are generations of kids that Gene has finished such a disproportion for. So now it’s a turn, we’ve got to do something.”

Connolly’s scooter might not have had a same stamina as he did, though luckily it waited to die until all a meetings had concluded.

Connolly was on a tip of Capitol Hill when a wheels belligerent to a halt, so he simply took his feet off a gas and rode a brake, vouchsafing a scooter uniformly seashore past noble marble buildings, around lobbyists and staffers and behind down to a convey watchful to take him behind to his hotel.

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