Conn. Officer Running Boston Marathon to Raise Money for ALS Association

March 21, 2015 - als

(Image Courtesy: MGN Online)

(Image Courtesy: MGN Online)

(WGGB) — After months of exhausting training and pulsation a pavement, one month from today, tens of thousands of runners will edging adult their sneakers and strike a cement to run a Boston Marathon.

Athletes from all over a universe will tackle a 26.2 miles including hundreds from New England.

One East Windsor, Conn. military officer is using for a reason.

This will be a second Boston Marathon for East Windsor Police Sgt. Dave McNeice. He cowed his initial behind in 2012 and as we will find out, he’s using this – his fourth marathon – to lift income for ALS, a illness that took his mom and a few friends.

When McNeice is not bustling operative midnights and responding to all kinds of calls, he’s fighting another conflict — and this one is personal.

“Mom was always a caregiver. When she came down with ALS, it was intolerable to us all, since she was a healthy stone of a family during a time, and it took a breeze right out of a whole family’s sails,” McNeice explains.

It started out with slurred debate for Dave’s mom Donna, who was caring for Dave’s father who had Alzheimer’s during a time. At first, she was misdiagnosed with a stroke, yet in a open of 2010, “they were means to diagnosis it immediately as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and by Dec 2010, she upheld divided from a disease,” McNeice says.

He adds. “There’s no heal yet. we still have high hopes, that’s my series one goal.”

To date, Sgt. McNeice has lifted recognition and some-more than $20,000 for a ALS Association by using Boston in 2012, Chicago in 2013, Hartford in 2014, and now Boston again, subsequent month.

His idea this time around is $10,000 and already, he’s during roughly $7,000.

“And even yet I’m using Boston for a Mass. ALS Association, we have a lot of hit with Conn. ALS Association and we’re means to work together to get people a services they need and that’s a many rewarding thing right there,” McNeice explains.

Services that didn’t come shortly adequate when a on-going neuro-degenerative illness was holding control of his mom.

“When time to get electric wheelchair, it takes so prolonged to get it approved. By a time we did, she was bed ridden, so we were always behind and that creates it really difficult. Same thing with her speech.”

Sgt. McNeice is also advocating for removing those pang from ALS a services they need. “Always ask for anything we need in advance, don’t wait for word company. Reach out since there is help. As distant as fundraising, I’m not a usually chairman we can go to, to assistance ALS Assocaition. I’m only one of people out there.

Winter training has been tough, yet it’s going well. Sgt. McNeice only did his 20 mile training run.

If we wish to assistance him transcend his fundraising goal, we can CLICK HERE to make a contribution.

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