Drew Brees Shares Former Teammate Steve Gleason’s ‘Guts and Grit’ in His Battle Against ALS

March 18, 2016 - als

There’s zero utterly like a bond between dual teammates.

NFL quarterback Drew Brees has shown unchanging and endearing support for his crony and former New Orleans Saints teammate, Steve Gleason, who has been battling ALS given 2011.

Although Gleason can no longer speak since of a debilitating disease, he “speaks” publically about his condition by an eye-gaze record inscription that conveys his difference to audiences.

Brees says he is totally “inspired” by a work his crony has finished to emanate a tellurian review about ALS.

“[Steve’s] tour by ALS over a final 5 years has been remarkable. His response to a diagnosis has been all courage and grit,” Brees tells PEOPLE. “He has given a face to ALS.”

The football champion adds, “He is one of a many implausible people we know.”

At a SXSW record eventuality in Austin, Texas, on Friday, Gleason, a father of one, common with a throng that his inscription enabled him to “regain his independence.”

Drew Brees Shares Former Teammate Steve Gleason's 'Guts and Grit' in His Battle Against ALS| Medical Conditions, New Orleans, National Football League

Steve Gleason during a SXSW eventuality in Austin, Texas

Windows 10 for Team Gleason

Gleason, incompetent to talk, explained to PEOPLE around email how a inscription works – and common his wish that others with ALS will cruise giving a record a chance.

“I use a Microsoft Surface Pro, that is like my control center. we have an infrared eye tracker that senses where I’m looking, it allows me to navigate a mechanism or inscription only as any typical person” Gleason said. “I am means to expostulate my wheelchair with my eyes.”

He adds, “When people say, ‘Steve is now detained in his wheelchair,’ or ‘Steve is cramped to his wheelchair,’ we 100 percent disagree. we am released by my wheelchair. we am set giveaway by a technology.”

Drew Brees Shares Former Teammate Steve Gleason's 'Guts and Grit' in His Battle Against ALS| Medical Conditions, New Orleans, National Football League

Steve with his wife, Michel, and son, Rivers

Team Gleason

Gleason and his wife, Michel, welcomed their child, Rivers, into a universe a same year a former footballer was diagnosed.

Today, Gleason says his tech square allows him to be a best father and father he can be.

“I am means to unequivocally engage, play, discipline, learn and adore Rivers,” he explains by email. “With assistance from a record and from Michel, we collect Rivers adult each day from school. We go to round games. We build launch rockets … It’s unequivocally normal for him.”

Staying comfortable by a glow tonight and, of course, beast trucks! -SG

A print posted by Team Gleason (@teamgleason) on Jan 7, 2015 during 8:28pm PST

Team Gleason, a organisation that supports Steve and his family, was recently comparison by Windows 10 to attend in a year-long beginning Upgrade Your World to lift open recognition of ALS.

Gleason hopes that by pity his story he can enthuse others in identical situations to sojourn strong.

“I trust a enterprise to live with purpose, notwithstanding a resources in one’s life, is universal,” he says. “So, if it inspires anyone in any conditions to live a some-more purpose-filled life, afterwards we’ve succeeded.”

Steve and his family are a subjects of a arriving documentary, Gleason, that premiered during Sundance Film Festival on Jan 23.

Brees, a writer of a film, says viewers will be “moved to tears,” after watching.

“It is a story of love, sacrifice, a attribute between a father and son on a few opposite levels, and positively a story about overcoming adversity no matter what a obstacle,” he says. “You will be changed to some arrange of movement that will impact your life and a lives of others in a certain way.”

Brees adds, “[He] will impact a lives of thousands if not millions with his documentary, that deserves to win an Oscar!”

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