Duck Dynasty Star Surprises Fan Battling ALS

April 8, 2015 - als

WAR EAGLE, Ark. — A northwest Arkansas male battling ALS for a past 7 years, had a warn of a lifetime Tuesday.

Steve Swope is your normal outdoor man, a adore for his family, his land and hunting. In 2008, Swope was diagnosed with ALS.

Many zealous outdoor group like Swope adore Duck Dynasty, and he’s no exception. Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson finished a special outing to Northwest Arkansas to accommodate Swope.

“When we found out, it apparently strike my heart. We were means to see Steve and a family and only share some time with them. They’ve watched a radio show, so it’s unequivocally neat to be means to do that,” Robertson said.

The ALS Association, Arkansas section helped make currently probable consummate a new module called ‘Making Dreams a Reality.’ Jennifer Necessary is a organization’s executive executive and orderly a meeting.

“We only wish to move fun to their life, we started this program, and currently we have positively finished that for Steve Swope and his family. Yeah this one will be really tough to top, though we will give it a best,” Necessary said.

Robertson brought Swope his iconic bandanna and steep call, and a similarities were striking.

“His brave is substantially fuller than mine, though we’re outdoor man, we adore being outside, we adore a family, we have a clever faith,” Robertson said.

“We never in a million years would have dreamed that he would be out here on a yard,” Scope’s mother Jennifer said. “Something like this only means a universe to all of us.”

Tuesday afternoon was filled with a few laughs and a request with a family.

“It’s so good to see you,” Robertson told Swope. “If we don’t see we again I’ll see we in heaven… we consternation if a beards will be a same in heaven?” Robertson joked.

(KNWA, Fayetteville)

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