Ex-NFL and Livonia linebacker Tim Shaw: ALS doesn’t conclude me

February 5, 2017 - als

Tim Shaw, 32, is a Livonia Clarenceville graduate who played 6 NFL seasons for 4 teams. A linebacker, he finished his symbol on special teams and played his final 3 seasons (2010-12) with a Tennessee Titans. On Apr 17, 2014, Shaw was diagnosed with ALS disease. He lives in Nashville, Tenn., and new his book, “Blitz Your Life,” was expelled final month (Dexterity, 214 pages, $16.99 retail). He will speak during a book eventuality from 5-7 p.m. Feb. 16 during Clarenceville High School. Admission is free. Here is an mention from his book:

I’ll never forget using into someone during a pool shortly after we went open with my diagnosis. He famous me: “You’re a ALS guy!” But only as we am not “Tim a Football guy,” we am not “Tim a ALS guy.”

ALS doesn’t conclude me. ALS sucks. It’s a many physically and mentally formidable thing we have ever had to endure. In my stream state, we have to consider about each pierce we make. Literally, each time we move. Sit down. Stand up. Turn a corner. Walk by a doorway. Navigate by a crowd. If I’m not careful, we will fall. I’ll run into something or someone. My physique doesn’t do what we tell it to, and my change resembles that of a baby calf.

So if I’m not a football male or a ALS guy, who am I?

I had to start with self-evaluation. we know this is what (former Titans defensive end) Dave Ball went through, and we trust a lot of people can describe to anticipating themselves in a time of change, possibly it’s a new career or eventuality or a position where change is necessary. Situations like these need honest introspection. For me, that meant examining my priorities. Do we work on my golf handicap, pursue business ventures, review a good book? These are all things we adore to do and there is zero wrong with any of them, though isn’t there something some-more meaningful? we theory that depends on what we unequivocally wish to accomplish. How about assent on earth, or during slightest middle peace? Now, we didn’t wish to spend a rest of my time meditating. My thirty-year-old self hadn’t suspicion about all that critical stuff. But like me (even if it’s not life or death), a lot of us need to face this fear and answer a question:

If we could have, do, be, go, or knowledge anything during all, what would that be?

Most people never answer such contemplative questions. If not for ALS, we don’t know when we would have faced this daunting question. we motionless that in sequence for me to live fully, we indispensable to run this doubt down and face it head-on.

Surprisingly, my answer wasn’t unequivocally formidable to find. What we wanted some-more than anything else was impact. we trust that as humans a time on earth is short, so a biggest thing we can ever do is to definitely impact as many people as we presumably can. I’ve had some cold experiences, and I’ll have some some-more as we go along. I’ve finished income and had fun, though if we died tomorrow, we would have wanted to leave a certain impact on other people.

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Knowing what we unequivocally want, carrying answered that question, we satisfied we contingency act on this grand self-discovery immediately. For me, this movement has taken many forms. Some are tiny and brief term, like doing an talk for a internal paper or vocalization during or ancillary gift events. Others are incomparable and hopefully will have a longer durability impact. Like this book, for instance. My wish is that something in it will lift somebody currently and for who knows how many years after I’m prolonged forgotten. I’ve also looked for ways to group adult with others who wish to make a durability difference. Along those lines, my friends Tom and Stacey and we shaped a sports opening association that we wish will move impression and caring growth to immature people by sports while compelling farrago and merging cultures.

These are a forms of things that we trust can have durability impact and change lives.

I haven’t quit golfing or roving or carrying fun. Those things are critical too, as they fuel my spirit, though now they are prioritized in their correct place. I’ve practiced other things as good to simulate my new goals. It’s not like we forsaken all in office of my expostulate to impact other people in a certain way, though we did whet my focus. Spending time with family is critical to me, so I’ve finished saying them frequently a outrageous priority.

I also make a lot of choices to not do things that we don’t wish to do. we know I, like so many people, used to do many things we didn’t indeed wish to do — possibly out of a clarity of obligation, pity, or even guilt. we simply don’t do that anymore. And we am giveaway not to do these activities since we have faced and answered a doubt of what we unequivocally want. If something asked of me doesn’t align with my priorities, afterwards we simply don’t do it. Below a aspect of this clearly greedy proceed is one of genuine caring for others. This methodology doesn’t annul gift or assisting others, though it eliminates a requirement to do anything. If, by your choice, we leave your trail to do something out of your purpose, afterwards that’s awesome. But giving your changed time by any means other than your possess choice doesn’t advantage anyone. Breakfast with a long-lost third cousin interlude by town? Sure, if we wish to. Giving a keynote debate during a fundraising event? Not if finished only out of guilt. Getting coffee with someone who drains you? No, we don’t have to. That phone call with an ex? Heck no, that’s only a outrageous waste. Big or small, there’s frequency anything wrong with these activities. What matters many is because we select to do them. Knowing what we unequivocally wish allows we a leisure to make those choices.

Dave, after his football career, sought conversing and in a routine grown a clever clarity of purpose for his life.

“I trust we was put here to build and be in amatory relations with people, and we was put here to assistance offer others,” he said.

Today Dave is assisting college coaches find out what’s going on underneath a aspect of their teams and spin struggles into success. He also serves on a Williamson County Foster Care Review Board and a Nashville Coaching Coalition.

“I am an intensely ardent male who is perplexing to be a good dad, a good husband, and do something of value,” he said.

Who Are You? 

Take a step behind to weigh who we are. What are your core beliefs and values, your faith system? The proceed we hoop success and disaster shows what we truly believe. Our actions — not a difference — arrangement what we truly believe.

Look during a tiny decisions we make. Who are we shabby by? What do we determine or remonstrate with? Where do we pull a line? Do we place high value on personal success and open recognition? Or do we sensitively accept success, acknowledging group efforts? When we fail, do we kick yourself adult and not pardon yourself?

These questions can assistance conclude who we are as a person.

Sometimes we are blind to a possess beliefs. We repudiate that certain actions exhibit certain beliefs. If we constantly put your needs forward of everybody else’s — like a male we know (cough, Tim Shaw) — afterwards we are display a faith that we are some-more critical than those around you. Even if we never acknowledge it, your actions denote it clearly. We are mostly unknowingly of a statements that a actions are making. If a things that we explain to trust don’t come out in my actions during all, do we unequivocally trust those things? we competence wish we had a high dignified standard, though if I’m constantly doing implicitly controversial things, afterwards a existence is that we don’t have high dignified standards. The law is suggested in a actions, quite when moments of vigour exhibit what lies underneath a unwavering motivations.

For example, while we am discerning to pardon a family member, we tend to be oppressive with other people, raised my possess expectations and standards onto them. If I’m not slicing other people slack, afterwards I’m not display a kind of beauty that we wish to be one of my core beliefs. My actions contend otherwise.

On a some-more certain note, during a football game, in a feverishness of a impulse so many actions are reactions. we have been strike after a play had ended, and we immediately confronted a guilty party. we did not retaliate, though we finished certain it was transparent that such actions were not cool. we always stood my belligerent and finished certain that we won my battles between a whistles, that was a ultimate reward. My greeting could have simply been one of retaliation, that would have irreproachable me during a responsibility of my team. My value of “team above self” trumped my enterprise for punish and commanded my actions. When we conflict and do not have time to think, that’s when a loyal values uncover up. We can’t breeze a response or take time to confirm how to react, it only happens. And when preferred values turn involuntary reactions, we know they have turn partial of who we are.

Wrestling with values and beliefs can be a struggle, generally when there is a opening between who we wish to be and who we are now. The beliefs and values that we essay toward are not always simply attained. You might not immediately attain during being a chairman we wish to be, though disaster is partial of a process. In fact, failures can turn good training practice that propel we toward who we wish to become. It might take many unsuccessful attempts to see a values turn your own, though disaster can prove swell if followed adult by visual action.

In a routine of finding your core beliefs, we are also finding who we truly are. As we rise a faith complement to live by, your loyal self shows some-more and more. This does not meant we are a finished product, though it does meant we are a work in progress, and committing to a routine is half a battle. As your faith complement grows and changes, we will grow and change. As life continues to chuck a practice during you, your core beliefs will continue to be challenged. Day in and day out, people will doubt who we are and what we are doing. Without clever convictions, we will be simply swayed. The some-more we know yourself, a some-more we can mount organisation in your beliefs and your actions.

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