Families come together for ALS Walk

May 8, 2016 - als

Though he never met his grandpa, Brantley Groombridge strolled in his name Saturday.

The five-week aged baby was a youngest member in Saturday’s third annual Peterborough Walk for ALS.

Brantley’s grandfather, Jack Groombridge, died in 2007 during 59.

Mr. Groombridge’s son John Groombridge has walked in eventuality given it launched in a city.

And on Saturday, Groombridge wheeled his baby son along a five-kilometre widen for a initial time.

“It’s really exciting. It’s good to move his grandson around, I’m certain he’s looking over us,” Groombridge said.

Groombridge’s mother, Tracy Flinders, volunteers during a walk.

She has been concerned with ALS Canada given her late father was diagnosed, that was 9 months before he died.

“I didn’t even know what ALS was, we knew of Lou Gehrig’s disease, though we didn’t know a impact it had on lives,” Flinders said.

About 15 of Flinders’s family members walked in a event, though her grandson’s initial travel brought tears to her eyes.

“It’s fantastic, we only wish Jack was here to accommodate him,” she said.

More than 200 people participated in a travel out of Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School.

Susan Fountain was one of some-more than 20 family members on Team Steve.

The organisation wore white T-shirts with a print of a late Steve Pasquino on a front and “Team Steve” created on a back.

Mr. Pasquino, Fountain’s brother, died in 2008. He was 44.

ALS Canada was instrumental in removing her late hermit all a apparatus he indispensable while he struggled with a disease.

“If we as a family would have had to compensate for all that, we’d be bankrupt,” pronounced Fountain.

ALS (amyotrophic parallel sclerosis) is a depot illness where a haughtiness cells that control your muscles to die, heading to debate and mobility detriment and eventually a ability to breathe.

There’s no heal or effective treatment.

About 2,500 people in Canada live with ALS. A thousand people any year stoop to a illness and another 1,000 are diagnosed.

This year’s travel lifted $33,000. Sixty percent goes towards investigate and 40% supports customer services.


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