Family of male battling ALS could remove home

October 30, 2014 - als

We all watched a call of ice bucket plea videos that flooded a amicable media streams over a past few months. The videos were to lift income for ALS, though now, one metro Atlanta family who has a desired one battling a illness says that nothing of a income is assisting them.

As they ready for a worst, losing their home this weekend, they consternation – “Where is all a income going?”

ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, has ravaged 43-year-old Aubrey Mohabeer physically, and now, his family could shortly remove a home on Safehaven Drive in Gwinnett County. 

The viral videos of a ice bucket plea became a disturb this summer. Millions of dollars were raised, especially for research.

“When we saw that large escape with everybody we were so excited. Aubrey cried so many times,” Karla Mohabeer said.

Karla Mohabeer says notwithstanding all a fundraising, now that she and her 4 children are about to remove their home, she’s struggling to find help. Aubrey Mohabeer’s health has been disappearing for 3 years. He’s now in a caring facility. The illness and caring have left a family financially drained.

“If things were fast in a home, he’d be home with me,” Karla Mohabeer said.

The Georgia section of a ALS Association says a care is assembly subsequent week to establish appropriation for subsequent year. It skeleton on regulating some of a income lifted in a ice bucket hurdles for family grants, though those wont’ be accessible until subsequent year. The organisation has been perplexing to find resources for a Mohabeers.

Statement from a ALS Association of Georgia:

Our core goal is and has always been to work toward a diagnosis and heal for ALS. An constituent partial of that goal consists of assisting patients and their families and we’re beholden a Ice Bucket Challenge has enabled a classification to raise and enhance a programs and services. We’re stability to work with a Mohabeer family and sojourn committed to offer all a other families in Georgia to assistance them with a hurdles they face.

We will continue to coordinate with internal and state agencies to safeguard a Mohabeer family gets a assistance they need.

For now, Karla Mohabeer has begun make-up adult their let home, praying that an angel will assistance them by these financial hardships. Otherwise, she and her children contingency be out of a home by this weekend.

“All these millions of dollars and they aren’t assisting us, and I’m certain there are many other families going by this,” she said.

The Lilburn Co Op was means to offer some income Wednesday, though it might not be enough. The family has until a finish of a month. 

Click here if you’d like to assistance a family.

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