Former 49ers good Dwight Clark dies after conflict with ALS

June 5, 2018 - als

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Former San Francisco 49ers far-reaching receiver Dwight Clark died Monday during age 61 after a conflict with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, or ALS.

His wife, Kelly, announced his flitting on Clark’s accurate Twitter account: “I’m sad to tell we that currently we mislaid my best crony and husband. He upheld peacefully surrounded by many of a people he desired most. we am grateful for all of Dwight’s friends, teammates and 49ers fans who have sent their adore during his conflict with ALS.”

The 49ers expelled a matter that said, in part: “The San Francisco 49ers family has suffered a extensive detriment currently with a flitting of Dwight Clark. We extend a condolences and prayers to Dwight’s wife, Kelly, his family, friends and fans, as we join together to weep a genocide of one a many dear total in 49ers history.”

Clark was on a receiving finish of one of a biggest plays in NFL history, perpetually famous as “The Catch.”

Dwight Clark creates “The Catch,” restraining a measure with a Dallas Cowboys and environment adult a 49ers’ initial NFC Championship and Super Bowl berth.

The two-time Super Bowl champion held a touchdown pass from Joe Montana in a 1981-82 NFC playoffs, restraining a diversion and spurring a 49ers to a 28-27 win over a Dallas Cowboys in a final minute.

Clark suggested in 2017 he had been diagnosed with ALS, that is also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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