Former NFL actor Tim Shaw has ALS and wants Roger Goodell to assistance him find a cure

August 13, 2015 - als

A year after he used a Ice Bucket Challenge to announce he had been diagnosed with ALS, late NFL actor Tim Shaw has a elementary request.

He wants Roger Goodell to do a Ice Bucket Challenge again.

Because after all, what a Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral transformation that concerned people transfer ice H2O over their heads to lift recognition and income to quarrel ALS did in 2014 was conspicuous for a illness that was “unknown,” according to Shaw.

“I meant let’s consider about this. Lou Gehrig’s debate was [76 years ago] — that’s a prolonged time ago and still in 2014 roughly no one knew what ALS was,” pronounced Shaw, who was a linebacker in a joining for 7 seasons. “So what a Ice Bucket Challenge did final year was took a illness from opposite to famous and it put it on a map of regard and caring for people and it finished people aware. And a some-more awareness, a some-more appropriation will come. And a some-more funding, a improved treatments. And that is so critical to these people with ALS that have been vital with no wish for such a prolonged time.”

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Ice Bucket Challenge lifted $115 million in a six-week duration according to The ALS Association in 2014 — a overwhelming series for an classification that perceived $5 million in a same duration a year before. It trickled behind a bit this summer, yet so distant has not gotten nearby a same recognition it reached final year.

“It matters, it’s creation a disproportion in people’s lives who unequivocally have no hope. And we wish to be transparent over a final year I’ve talked to a lot of opposite researchers and scientists and they’re closer than they’ve ever been,” Shaw said. “They’ve finished some-more advancements in this past year than they have in a past 20 or 50 years. And when people step out of themselves and do something good for others, there’s no improved feeling in a world.

According to The ALS Association’s arch of staff, Brian Frederick, a income that was lifted already helped researchers brand a formerly opposite duty of an critical protein associated to ALS. “The Ice Bucket Challenge income has already had a approach impact on investigate and has positively helped yield larger caring services to people vital with ALS,” he said.

So distant this year, mixed MLB and NFL teams have finished a Challenge again. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker even took it while wearing a ‘Free Brady’ shirt.

Few people, Shaw believes, are in some-more of a position to pierce a means to a forefront of a public’s courtesy again than a NFL Commissioner. Goodell is a many absolute chairman in a competition that Shaw knows could have presumably given him — and other late NFL players — a disease. Former players with ALS perceived income in a NFL’s allotment of concussion-related lawsuits and according to a CDC are 4 times as likely to be diagnosed with a disease. Shaw pronounced he only wants answers.

“We need [it] for any stream NFL player, any college actor and any destiny NFL player,” Shaw said. “They need to know, they merit to know either them stepping on a football margin gives them a risk of removing ALS, since when we was personification football it was ‘hey listen you’re going to kick adult your body, we know that … we know when your 50, your knees are going to hurt. And we know we competence not be means to do all of a other things that 50-year-olds can do.’

“And we accept that, we accept that we’re profitable a cost on a bodies. But we pledge we if we find out that ‘hey listen, you’re risking longterm mental health. You’re risking destiny mind damage. You’re risking critical illnesses like ALS,’ that’s going to change a mindset of who’s personification and who’s not. But we know what? Players merit to know and players merit to find out. And that leads me to since we would call out Roger Goodell.

“The male could be so strenuously certain if he chooses to be in this situation. If he uses his position to lift recognition for conduct injuries. And final year he did step adult and take a Ice Bucket Challenge. Well we need him to do it again. We need him to do it any year. We need him to be heading this assign … we trust Goodell is a male that can step adult and make such a certain impact on a disease.”

In an email to For The Win, NFL orator Brian McCarthy forked to Goodell’s appearance in a plea final year.

“The Commissioner has been tied adult with a joining assembly and a Brady hearing,” he wrote of Shaw’s latest request. “He has not had a possibility to respond.”


Shaw still loves a diversion of football.

When he spoke to For The Win, he was coaching during his brother’s football stay in San Diego. He’s pronounced in past interviews that he’s beholden for his teammates, a practice and a life lessons a diversion taught him.

He also believes it’s given him a height to make a difference. Last year after he was diagnosed, Shaw told For The Win that he looked during ALS as a plea bigger than a NFL, one that he saw as a large quarrel that he was prepared to take on and had been impressed by a support from his former teammates and a public. Now, it’s a private moments that meant more.

Up adult and divided again. we stay on a pierce since we are called to action!! Spread a word. Spread a love. #IAmSecond #alsassociation #TShawStrong

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“It’s those suggestive moments where we can kneel down and speak to someone in a wheelchair with ALS who can’t walk, when we can unequivocally bond face to face with someone who was only diagnosed and they ask ‘how do we do it?’ It’s those moments that meant so much.”

He’s met a male who has lived for 26 years with ALS — prolonged violence a customary projections that a illness will kill people between 3 and 5 years after diagnosis (though 10% of patients will tarry 10 years according to The ALS Association.)

“I have a crony that we met during a Muscular Dystrophy Association hospital in Nashville and his name is Brad and Brad is a prime male with 3 kids and he’s struggling,” Shaw said. “We content any other and contend ‘hey how are you’ and we contend ‘hey my voice is struggling today, how are your hands’ and we only keep any other encouraged. It’s in that despondency that we share that we can inspire any other.”

It’s also since his expostulate to pierce recognition and find a heal means so most to him.

Only problem was, we couldn’t go in… #Ireland #nature #breathe

A print posted by Tim Shaw (@tshawstruth) on Aug 2, 2015 during 10:01am PDT

“I only unequivocally wish a NFL to welcome a plea of safeguarding a players and safeguarding a diversion that we all adore and we can do that by station adult and observant we’re here to support a players … here’s what we’re doing, here’s how we can lift money. And only stepping adult and owning it. Because it is their game. It is their business.

“They make so most income off of it and that’s good and we all adore it. But we need to use that position of energy to assistance a stream players and a destiny players or a game’s going to go extinct.”

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