Former Tennessee Titan finds strength amidst ALS diagnosis

August 15, 2015 - als

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Words like ‘great strength’ and ‘enormous power’ are used to conclude a word Titan.

Former Tennessee Titan Tim Shaw, 31, physically fit good into that mold before he was diagnosed with ALS.

In a earthy sense, Shaw is no doubt changing. But a energy and integrity of his suggestion is as clever as it has ever been.

Shaw says his illness has authorised him to learn who he unequivocally is, and that chairman might not be what a open is used to saying – a autarchic athlete, a disproportion builder for 3 years in Nashville.

Shaw’s ALS diagnosis came final April. He’s called a final 16 months a drum coaster. “I suspicion my life was quick paced before, though a days only don’t have adequate hours in them,” pronounced Shaw during his possess ‘ice bucket challenge.’ “I’ve beheld a lot of change… we unequivocally need a lot some-more assistance than I’ve ever needed.”

His chosen speed is gone. He doesn’t have a strength to do a pull up, though he’s faced all a hurdles with moving courage.

“Dealing with that romantic partial is equally as tough as a physical. It’s a revelation that you’re losing something,” pronounced Shaw.

He might not be a Shaw fans saw on a field, though a Shaw now is only as amazing.

His augury hasn’t changed, so Shaw is creation a many of this event and operative with a ALS substructure in Tennessee.

He’s been told people demeanour adult to him, though he sees it another way. “So humbling to see someone fighting for years and years. And someone bettering to limitations, pulling by a many formidable things that any of us can suppose – it’s so moving to me.”

This Tim Shaw isn’t a male in a helmet or jersey, though a male who pronounced he has a illness that strips all of that away, and what’s underneath is remarkable.

“It’s in losing those things that we indeed gained to see who we unequivocally am. To take all away, I’m still me. I’m still Tim Shaw,” he said.

The champion, a competitor, clearly hasn’t left anywhere.

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