Former Titans LB Tim Shaw Pushes for ALS Resolution during State Capitol

March 21, 2015 - als

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Former Titans linebacker Tim Shaw addressed a Senate and House of Representatives during a Tennessee State Capitol, creation his representation for a fortitude submitted to a Tennessee General Assembly that will announce a month of May as ALS Awareness Month in Tennessee (watch speech).

“The universe knows we have ALS, now what am we going to do about it?” Shaw acted to those in attendance.

Finding a answer to this doubt has taken Shaw, who was diagnosed with a illness final August, on a tour from small wish to anticipating strength to build a height for change.

Often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” ALS is a on-going neurodegenerative illness that attacks haughtiness cells in a mind and spinal cord, heading to a detriment of flesh control and eventually death. According to a ALS Association, a normal life outlook of someone vital with ALS is usually dual to 5 years.

Shaw publicly suggested his diagnosis in Aug in a video posted to a Titans’ website saying, “I’m here currently to mount adult and quarrel with all of we opposite this disease.”

It is that guarantee that brought Shaw to a Tennessee State Capitol Building on Thursday.  He sees this fortitude as an critical event to lift recognition for a illness on a state level, as good as pull brazen a review on ALS research.

“I notice one large likeness between a veteran football actor and politicians – and no, we all can’t strike people like we do – though what we both have is influence,” Shaw pronounced while vocalization from a building of a House.

“The Ice Bucket Challenge has shabby my universe greatly,” he said. “I’m concerned in a sold investigate investigate for ALS that was usually saved for 20 people before to a Ice Bucket Challenge. And now, due to a lifting of those funds, 300 people with ALS can be concerned in a investigate that I’m in. What a Ice Bucket Challenge does and what we all can do is move wish to people with ALS, since right now we have no cure. We don’t know what causes it, and we need help.”

While a Ice Bucket Challenge lifted millions of much-needed investigate dollars for ALS and generated recognition worldwide, Shaw emphasized that a review and heightened recognition can't finish there. He urged House and Senate members to “use your influence, to use your position for things that unequivocally matter, for people that unequivocally matter and for a causes that unequivocally matter.”

People who unequivocally matter to Shaw are those vital with ALS, vital though diagnosis options or wish for a cure.

“It is my respect to mount adult here not usually for myself, though for everybody else with ALS,” he said. “Together we can do good things.”

Representatives from a ALS Association Tennessee Chapter were benefaction for Shaw’s speech, that perceived a station acclaim from everybody in attendance.

“The ALS Association Tennessee Chapter is respected to have Tim Shaw lifting recognition and being an disciple for a organization,” pronounced Cheri Sanders, executive executive of a ALS Association Tennessee Chapter. “He has shaped a group with a Tennesseans with ALS to quarrel a disease, give encouragement, and work together to find a cause, diagnosis and a cure. He is assisting to develop a Ice Bucket Challenge impulse into a movement.”

For some-more information on a House Joint Resolution (No. 129) to announce May as MLS Awareness Month in Tennessee, revisit

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