Former Titans LB with ALS helps revitalise Ice Bucket Challenge

August 1, 2015 - als

NASHVILLE— Over a past year, Tim Shaw has bungee-jumped off a overpass in New Zealand, visited Australia and helped cavalcade a good in a Amazon. The former NFL linebacker also has talked with congressmen in Washington, D.C., and Tennessee lawmakers.

“People ask me all a time, ‘What’s on your bucket list? Are these bucket-list items?”’ Shaw said. “I don’t have a bucket list. we only go. we only live. we only do, and that’s how we wish to go from here on out.”

Now Shaw, diagnosed with ALS in Apr 2014, is assisting revitalise a Ice Bucket Challenge with a ALS Association anticipating to spin Aug into an annual fundraiser identical to a approach Oct represents breast cancer recognition month.

Former Boston College ball actor Pete Frates and Pat Quinn started a plea final Aug to lift recognition about Lou Gehrig’s illness and wound adult lifting $115 million. Diagnosed with a depot neurodegenerative illness in 2012, Frates now is paralyzed, cooking by a feeding tube and can't talk.

Frates was on a margin Friday afternoon during Fenway Park for a central kickoff as a Boston Red Sox dumped ice H2O over their heads to assistance launch a plea again. This year’s plea has had a bit some-more planning, with a time ticking down to a start on a NASDAQ building in New York and all 30 Major League Baseball teams set to take part.

ALS Association arch of staff Brian Frederick pronounced a consult found that people who took partial final year had been challenged, while many others had not been asked.

“So we suspicion between those people and everybody who pronounced they had so most fun doing it, since wouldn’t people wish to do it again?” Frederick pronounced from Boston. “We’ll see how many people are peaceful to do it again. we can tell we that within a ALS village everybody’s totally dismissed up, and we’re all so vehement to have only kicked it off with Pat and Pete during an extraordinary and moving day during Fenway Park.”

No specific fundraising idea has been set for a challenge, though Frederick pronounced a ALS Association is looking for support.

Shaw pronounced a income equals wish since it supports drug research, that leads to improved lives.

Asked about his health, Shaw says he’s doing really good “relatively speaking.” During his six-year career, he played for Carolina (2007), Jacksonville (2008), Chicago (2009) and a Tennessee Titans (2010-2012). Shaw now has a slight offence to his speech, is a bit thinner than in 2011 and 2012 when he was a Titans’ special teams captain, and walks with a bit of a limp.

He shot a video of himself removing dunked with ice H2O final week and has challenged his former Titans teammates and cornerback Jason McCourty for a second true year.

He also offers a recommendation to take partial in all 3 pieces of a plea from carrying dumped over a head, donating income and afterwards severe someone else with a outcome assisting build awareness.

“That means you’re in it, and you’re determining that we wish to quarrel with us so it’s an honor,” Shaw said.

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