Foundation lends assisting palm to ALS patients and families

March 3, 2017 - als

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho –The existence of an ALS diagnosis and a financial weight that accompanies it stirred one Coeur d’Alene integrate to launch Matt’s Place Foundation, a module that lends a assisting palm when their neighbors need it most.

Stan Litz lights adult when articulate about Rosy, his mother of 22 years.

“She was usually always happy,” Stan said.

About a year and a-half-ago, ALS barged into Rosy’s life, fast stripping her ability to learn and eventually her ability to move.

“I would have to lift her palm adult to assistance her feed herself since it wasn’t unequivocally prolonged from a course of a disease, she usually couldn’t assistance herself, really,” Stan said.

ALS recently took Rosy on Dec 21, 2016 during a immature age of 56.

“Stan’s usually an extraordinary male and he stayed by her side a whole time,” Theresa Whitlock-Wild, co-owner of Matt’s Place Foundation said.

Theresa and her father Matt met Stan and Rosy by a foundation. The Wild’s started a non-profit to assistance ALS studious and families scheme a staggering struggles of a disease.

Help for Stan and Rosy came in a form of a wheelchair ramp. The ramp authorised Rosy to finally scheme her wheelchair out of her home, mostly into her dear backyard.

“In her shaft where her flowers are, where her plants are, and where her yard is, and where her garden is,” Stan said, “she desired to garden and was good during it too.”

“We were means to get a ramp in there,” Theresa said, “just a demeanour on her face and a cuddle she gave us and usually a appreciate we for vouchsafing me get into my backyard.”

The Wild’s know that is no tiny delight since they are rebellious ALS in their possess home.

“I’m doing flattering good spirit-wise and emotionally and stuff. Physically I’ve declined. I’m fundamentally in a chair full time now,” Matt, Theresa’s father said.

Matt was diagnosed about dual years ago. Following Matt’s diagnosis, Wild satisfied a impact of a depot diagnosis is not a usually staggering hurdle.

“Add on tip of that, oh, we’re going to have to transform a home and that could embody a $10,000 ramp and a $30,000 remodel. If we have an comparison home, doorways need to be widened, and that gets so costly and supplement on tip of that, vehicles and wheelchairs and respiratory apparatus and it’s overwhelming,” Theresa said.

“Yesterday we got to call a integrate of families and tell them that we’re means to do grants for them and it’s flattering romantic to know we can assistance people,” Matt said.

Both of these families need financial assistance to emanate a wheelchair permitted bathroom. Soon, Matt’s Place will launch a biggest plan yet.

“In a subsequent month or so we’re going to mangle belligerent on a initial Matt’s Place House, that will be entirely blending and fundamentally a intelligent home that’s designed around ALS patients that families locally can pierce into and use,” Matt said.

Stan wants to support that goal. On Saturday, he will conduct to a 2nd Annual Matt’s Place Pub Crawl fundraiser in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

“I would inspire anybody else to do a same,” Stan said.

Stan would scream it from a rooftops if he could, to uncover support for a foundations, and now friends, who were there for him, and for his Rosy.

“If there’s anything we could do, we would adore to,” Stan said. 

Matt’s Place had an considerable initial year. In a final year, they lifted some-more than $100,000 and were means to assistance 9 Inland Northwest families. 

Their Pub Crawl is Saturday, Mar 4, 2017, starting during 4:00 p.m. The yield includes about a dozen businesses with music, appetizers, drawings, and prizes. Tickets are $25. 

For some-more information on pub yield tickets or a substructure itself, conduct to

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