Fourth of Jul special to Brigance in ALS battle

July 4, 2015 - als

Fourth of Jul weekend has special stress to O. J. Brigance, a Ravens comparison confidant to actor development.

Brigance has courageously battled amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), ordinarily famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease, given being diagnosed in 2007. Exactly 76 years ago, on Jul 4, 1939, Gehrig done his famous debate during Yankee Stadium, job himself, “the luckiest male on a face of a earth”, notwithstanding pang from a illness that would bear his name, finish his career, and take his life.

Brigance has desirous large people, only like Gehrig. No longer means to travel or speak, Brigance stays a daily participation during Ravens’ headquarters, dynamic to work, to help, to live.

He and his mother Chanda have turn pillars in a Baltimore community, lifting income and recognition for ALS treatement and research. Visit Brigance’s website to assistance Brigance in his fight.

Brigance communicates with a DynaVox computer, that has eye-recognition program that chooses a minute when he blinks during it. we emailed Brigance a few questions for a Fourth of July. His answers, around email, are below.

Q: You are an impulse to many people. How most does that enthuse we in your conflict with ALS?

A: Knowing that people are speedy by my conflict opposite ALS serves as a sign to me that good can come from a bad situation. Would we have selected to have ALS? Of march not! But it has authorised me to use my height to move support to some and a opposite viewpoint about traffic with adversity. we am grateful to be means to impact lives for a better. That is something we am intensely unapproachable of.

Q: How most do we cruise ALS investigate and recognition has increasing given we were diagnosed?

A: we trust recognition about ALS has increasing exponentially interjection to materialisation like a Ice Bucket Challenge and shows like Empire and cinema like The Theory of Everything. On a investigate front, it seems as yet there are many ground-breaking studies, yet no petrify scholarship to assist a anticipating of a cure. My wish is that a breakthrough will be found really soon!

Q: It’s considerable to see we during a Ravens’ trickery on a daily basis. Is there ever a day when we don’t feel like going to work, and if so, how do we overcome that?

A: There isn’t a singular day that we am not vehement to go to a facility. The Ravens have courteously authorised me to have a purpose in a classification and we am grateful for a opportunity. When we get to do what we are ardent about, there is no burden. Being around my Ravens family is improved than any medicine a alloy could subscribe.

Q: Lou Gehrig called himself “lucky”. In what ways do we cruise yourself “lucky”?

A: we wouldn’t cruise myself “lucky”,  yet really blessed. we have had a event to grasp any idea we have dreamed of adult to this point. God still allows me to open my eyes any morning to continue to pursue my purpose in assisting others. He has postulated me a boundless viewpoint to see what gifts He has given me instead of what has been taken away. This is a biggest deteriorate of my life in regards to impacting a universe for a better! we would like to knowledge one some-more idea though, to travel and speak again. And we will!

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