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January 24, 2017 - als

FRANKFORD –  For print opts, World Wrestling Federation idol Tito Santana put a famous Sleeper Hold on brothers Cash and Storm O’Day and other youngsters.

In a ring, Ten Mile Miracle for ALS and a United Wrestling Alliance teamed to physique impact amyotrophic parallel sclerosis.

Frankford Fire Hall rocked Saturday night as several hundred people enjoyed an dusk of wrestling movement in a Body Slamming ALS fundraiser in support of Ten Mile Miracle for ALS, a gift founded by Long Neck businessman Tim Hill, who was diagnosed with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis in 2014.

“I am here for one reason and that’s to assistance people with ALS,” pronounced Mr. Hill.

Following his ALS diagnosis, Mr. Hill walked 10 miles along Rt. 1 in 2014.

In Oct 2015 he jumped from a craft 13,500 feet above a Laurel Airport in a skydiving attainment to lift income for his foundation.

Saturday night, with some assistance, he climbed into a ring and emerged co-winners of a Battle Royale with Eric Layton, his earthy therapist. Mr. Hill refers to Mr. Layton, employed with Nanticoke Health Services during a Mears Center in Seaford, as his hero.

“Eric is my hero,” pronounced Mr. Hill. “He took me and he works with me and he has never given adult on me. He is only a best. And wrestling, he only loves it. So, we’re doing it for any other.”

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ALS, ordinarily referred to as Lou Gehrig’s illness named for a New York Yankees’ Hall of Famer who succumbed to a illness in 1941, is a terrible neurodegenerative disease.

“The normal person, 50 percent of a people are passed within dual (years). And a finish is not good,” pronounced Mr. Hill, who spasmodic utilizes a wheelchair and a cane.

“Tim is really a fighter,” pronounced Mr. Layton. “He never gives up. He lives day for day. He doesn’t consider of a future. we have treated other ALS patients and they have plummeted fast. But Tim only continues to put a quarrel up.”

Mr. Hill, clamp boss of Wilgus Associates in Bethany Beach, pronounced Ten Mile Miracle for ALS continues to accommodate a needs of less-fortunate ALS patients.

“We continue to do one crazy thing a year. We have been means to assistance people via Delmarva. We have never had to contend ‘no.’ We have had a income to do it,” pronounced Mr. Hill. “I didn’t use to contend this though we compensate all expenses. Everything we see here is paid for. Every penny that comes in goes directly to a account that goes to a patients. This costs a happening to put on. It’s all paid for; a wrestlers; Tito Santana. we don’t contend that to brag. It’s only that all of a income that people give goes to a patients.”

Ten Mile Miracle for ALS provides medical needs, reserve such as a battery for a wheelchair, food and other needs – immediately.

“We have helped wives with burials. We only paid to assistance a chairman that lives alone to purify their unit since if they didn’t they were going to get thrown out on a street. We have never incited down a singular request,” pronounced Mr. Hill. “It’s awful. That might be me someday. we wish that somebody will assistance me. But while we can I’m going to keep doing this. We figure one large eventuality a year is a approach to do it.”

In further to Mr. Santana, a uncover featured some of a tip wrestlers on a easterly coast.

United Wrestling Alliance co-promoter Anthony “Soprano” Morgan and UWA wrestler Jason “Brute Force” Baker, who works during a Sussex Consortium in Lewes, have connectors to Mr. Santana.

“I indeed know Tito personally. we gave him a call. He was really receptive. He pronounced he would come do it for a good cause,” pronounced Mr. Morgan. “And he is here, prepared to Body Slam ALS with us.”

“I met large Jason (Baker) a integrate years ago,” pronounced Mr. Santana. “He reached out to me. He told me what this was all about and of march we concluded to come adult here and hopefully assistance out. It means a lot. It’s for a good male and for a good benefit. we wish we can lift utterly a bit of money.”

Among a fans on hand: Polly O’Day, who had front-row seats with sons Cash and Storm. This was her initial eventuality to see in chairman Tito Santana, a two-time WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, two-time WWF Tag Team champion and 2004 inductee into a WWE Hall of Fame.

“I grew adult examination him (Santana). He was my favorite,” pronounced Ms. O’Day.

Mr. Hill dedicated Saturday’s eventuality in memory of his tighten crony Eugene D’Onofrio, who mislaid a bold conflict with ALS on Thanksgiving Day of 2016.  Mr. D’Onofrio’s mother Lisa was on hand.

“Gene was initial chairman we met when we went to a ALS hospital 3 years ago. Gene fought it and fought it,” pronounced Mr. Hill.

For some-more information on Ten Mile Miracle for ALS revisit or revisit their Facebook page.

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