Friends, family aim to assistance Valley maestro pang from ALS

July 19, 2017 - als

An active outdoors-loving maestro of a Iraq war, Jeremy Pfleegor, of farming Turbotville, now struggles to do even a simplest of daily tasks.

“About a year and a half ago, he beheld his left palm removing weak. He was dropping things and shortly a debility widespread to both hands,” pronounced his wife, Terri. “He was carrying flesh spasms all over in his arms and legs and an impassioned volume of weight loss. Doctors with a VA didn’t seem concerned. They told him to eat some-more and stop personification video games.”

But a symptoms continued to worsen.

“My hands kept removing some-more and some-more diseased and we was really fatigued and drained,” Jeremy said.

Finally, after a accumulation of tests, a 35-year-old was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis — some-more ordinarily famous as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

“At first, we only wanted a diagnosis, though when we finally got a diagnosis, it was devastating,” he said.

ALS is a shaken complement illness that weakens muscles and impacts earthy function. Medication and therapy can delayed ALS and revoke discomfort, though there’s no cure.

“For ALS, there is no medicine accessible for people that are as progressed into a illness as he is,” pronounced Terri. “It is not a cookie knife disease. No dual people go by a same symptoms during a same time. Some live most longer than others, and some pass really quickly.”

Jeremy’s ability to travel has dwindled utterly a bit given a initial diagnosis, and a illness has influenced other systems in his body, including his ability to cough.

“We were pushing down a highway and a bug flew in a window and into his mouth during one point,” Terri said. “He started choking since he couldn’t cough out a bug and he started branch purple. It was horrible. Thank God we had a splash in a automobile and he got it down.”

Despite a augmenting restrictions, Jeremy has affianced to keep fighting.

“His accurate difference to me were, ‘They pronounced it was 99.8 percent ALS. we have 0.2 percent to infer them wrong,’” pronounced his sister, Joey Winter.

Jeremy served in Iraq for 4 months when he was concerned in a car rollover that caused critical injuries. He was late out, though came home with ongoing pain, post dire highlight disorder, serious memory loss, stress and some other issues, according to Terri.

A few years after came a ALS diagnosis.

“Jeremy has his adult days and down days. Sometimes, during his down days, he wishes he would have died in a war,” pronounced Terri. “This illness thatch we inside your possess head. Your mind is operative normal though zero else is. As it progresses, he might not be means to speak or eat. He doesn’t wish to die that way. We are perplexing to make his life as full as possible.”

One approach they are perplexing to accomplish that is to lift adequate income to squeeze an Action Track Chair, that would boost his mobility and concede him to resume fishing and other activities he enjoys with his children and step-grandchildren.

There is a special fundraising eventuality designed for Sunday, Jul 23 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. during a Turbotville Carnival Grounds.

“We’re doing a Chinese auction and bake sale and are still looking for donations. We will also be holding a businessman and qualification satisfactory during a same time and could use some some-more vendors,” pronounced Joey. “There will also be a duck grill and a food trailer will be available.”

Among a vendors already committed to a eventuality are Happy Family Herbals, Designs by Deb, Perfectly Posh, Norwex, Lularoe, Wooden Sparrows, Tupperware, Scentsy and Tastefully Simple, along with others.

Throughout a event, a family will also be offering raffle tickets for a $500 tattoo offering by Mike Geyer. Tickets are $10 any or 3 for $25.

For some-more information about a fundraising event, or to find out some-more about Jeremy’s situation, revisit a “Help Jeremy live with ALS” Facebook page.

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