Friends travel for ALS in support of Carpentersville man

September 25, 2015 - als

So when Semler was diagnosed with ALS in February, Gudmundson and her co-workers during a Carpentersville association started to hunt for some approach they could lapse a support he had offering them over a years.

“We motionless that us entrance together as a organisation only to uncover him a support – not indispensably money-wise, only a support we could uncover him that we were here for him – [and it] kind of brought us to this place,” Gudmundson said.

Seven months later, Gudmundson and Gina Snow are heading a organisation of walkers who will attend in Sunday’s Les Turner ALS Foundation’s Walk for Life during Soldier Field in Chicago.

The group, named “Jeff’s AngLerS” in anxiety to Semler’s adore of fishing, is adult to about 40 sum members, including 30 Polynt employees.

Gudmundson and Snow set an strange idea to lift $30,000. Thanks to Polynt’s oath to double all supports raised, a organisation already had lifted $27,870 as of Thursday afternoon.

“It shows how most a people and association cares for me, for that I’ll be perpetually grateful,” Semler pronounced in an email. “Their ability to step adult and do what they did and continue to do helped me keep a certain support of mind to quarrel as most as we could.”

Semler’s initial symptoms of ALS showed adult in December, when his voice weakened, he felt fatigued and struggled to swallow his food. After a array of tests, Semler was diagnosed in Feb during a Lois Insolia ALS Clinic during Northwestern Medicine.

Also famous as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is a shaken complement illness that weakens muscles and affects earthy function.

Semler has mislaid strength in his hands and arms and had to retire early since of a disease, though he still can travel and perform bland domicile tasks.

When his co-workers told him they were looking for a approach to help, he directed them to this eventuality since a Les Turner ALS Foundation is connected with a hospital during Northwestern University. Semler pronounced he wanted to assistance a substructure after receiving consummate and inexhaustible caring from a foundation.

“My mother and we will be perpetually beholden to my co-workers and employer for what they have done,” Semler pronounced in an email. “Hopefully their efforts and those of others like them will outcome in a heal for ALS, or during slightest a approach to extend a life cycle of those who have this deadly disease.”

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