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March 17, 2017 - als

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — People opposite Indiana are donating income to a Greenfield male with ALS, also famous as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The disease, that weakens muscles and boundary earthy function, has no heal and doctors contend a male has reduction than dual years to live.

David Barkes has been pushing himself to his doctor’s appointments though he’s already struggling to travel and doctors contend he eventually won’t be means to travel during all. His family says, during that point, he’ll need a wheelchair permitted outpost to make his appointments.

“My alloy gave me 6 months to dual years and it’s been only been only about 6 months so I’ve done a initial hurdle,” Barkes said.

An electronic billboard association called Geft Outdoor LLC is using ads only off I-70 seeking people to present to Barkes so he can buy a wheelchair permitted van.

“He needs about $22,000 dollars more,” Geft consultant Bo Haygood said. “Somebody’s going to step adult and only compensate a whole thing off. Somebody’s going to make that happen.”

One of Barkes’ tighten friends asked a association to run a ads. Those same friends set adult a fundraiser during to lift $50,000. Thursday evening, a total stood around $28,000.

“The startling outcome of all of this, it’s unequivocally carried my spirits a whole lot,” Barkes said.

Barkes is a father and a father of four—his youngest is 16 years old. The family customarily takes a vacation though but a outpost that won’t be possible.

He says he’d like to see a sea one final time with his family.

“I am so beholden for all a support I’ve gotten,” Barkes said. “I will remember their kind words.”

Barkes pronounced he’s conference difference of support from aged friends, classmates and coworkers. He worked for years as a helper during Community North.

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