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A year and a half ago, on a other side of The Diagnosis, Cory Sanderson of Elgin was a 42-year-old design of health: Working out in a dusk with his wife, Dawn, and their twin sons to acquire a black belt in kyuki-do martial arts. Working in a daytime as clamp trainer of sales for a South Elgin manufacturer Koepfer America. Playing golf with friends.

Then, in Jan 2015, came The Diagnosis — amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, a same puzzling and incorrigible nerve-wasting illness that killed Lou Gehrig in a 1940s.

How we can help: The Sanderson Cup

What: The Sanderson Cup, a golf tour fundraiser

To benefit: Cory Sanderson of Elgin, who has ALS, and a Les Turner ALS Foundation

When: Monday, Jun 13, with registration during noon, a shotgun start during 1 p.m. and cooking during 5:30 p.m.

Where: Elgin Country Club, 2575 Weld Road, Elgin

Cost: $195 per golfer, $50 for cooking only

Details and registration:

Can’t make it? Donate online during

Today Sanderson can hardly pierce his right arm and hand. He shuffles along from cot to chair usually solemnly and painfully, his left feet dragging.

As he explains his conditions during an interview, it is Dawn who does many of a talking. When Cory jumps in himself to supplement some detail, a difference onslaught from his mouth with unpleasant slowness, one during a time: “Mayo — also — had — dual — clinical — trials — that — were — open.”

The martial humanities workouts now are singular to him examination his sons, now 12 years old, do their thing. And a golf in his destiny will be played though his fasten in, as a organisation of companionship brothers from his days during Purdue University put on a fundraiser Monday, Jun 13, to compensate for some home remodeling and to advantage a Les Turner ALS Foundation.

Dawn Sanderson pronounced a initial signs of difficulty were subtle. In Nov 2014, when Cory warranted his kyuki-do black belt, he beheld some debility while doing squats. And when a family collected for Christmas a month later, she beheld her father was slurring his words.

They went to their doctor. She pronounced his chest muscles seemed scarcely parsimonious and his tongue wasn’t operative right.

That led to exams by a battery of doctors during Northwestern Hospital in Chicago and a Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The final verdict: Like Lou Gehrig, Cory had ALS.

The subsequent few years expected would see some-more and some-more of his muscles spin inept by a cascading disaster of a nerves determining them — in what sequence and during what pace, no one could tell — until he could no longer even breathe.

“His diagnosis is fundamentally symptoms management,” Dawn said. “We wish we can delayed it down until somebody finds a cure.”

At night, for example, Cory pronounced he now sleeps bending adult to a BIPAP appurtenance to keep his respirating going as a muscles of his diaphragm and chest spin increasingly uncooperative.

He also takes 7 kinds of medicine each day to soothe cramps, quarrel depression, and revoke a upsurge of spit he can no longer swallow. One tablet is designed to opposite a weird side outcome of a illness that messes with Cory’s emotions.

“We can be examination a unequivocally unhappy film and all of a remarkable he’ll start shouting uncontrollably,” Dawn said. “Or he can be carrying an typical review with somebody and unexpected start crying.”

Cory pronounced his trainer during Koepfer, where he has worked for 21 years, has been really understanding. Despite Cory’s inability to pronounce during normal speed or use his right hand, he is even means to continue operative singular hours, communicating with salespeople and business around emails he forms regulating his weaker left hand.

Scientists keep operative on probable cures and a Sandersons wish to spin concerned in a clinical hearing for one that could spin out during final to be a sorcery bullet. But so distant Northwestern and Mayo have no openings for new clinical trials.

“You only don’t know what your tour is going to be with this disease,” Dawn said. “The normal ALS studious lives 3 to 5 years after being diagnosed. But one lady we met upheld divided after only one year.

“On a other hand, we met one man in Florida final week who has had ALS for 5 years,” Dawn said. “He’s in a chair and has a feeding tube, though he can use his eyes to communicate. And Stephen Hawking a astrophysicist has lived with ALS for a prolonged time now.”

The golf tour and dinner, that his companionship brothers have named The Sanderson Cup, will be hold on Monday, Jun 13, during Elgin Country Club. To register for a golf and/or a dinner, revisit

The Sandersons pronounced their health word pays for many of their staggering medical and drug bills, though Cory’s difficulty relocating means they need to cgange their home in Elgin’s Providence resolution — adding a bedroom on a initial floor, widening doors to accommodate a wheelchair, building a wheelchair ramp to a outward world.

The family also has set adult a Cory Sanderson crowdfunding comment during

“Cory’s mind is still functioning,” Dawn said. “He’s still a same guy. He’s only trapped in a physique that doesn’t respond.”

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