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September 14, 2018 - als

KINGSPORT, TN – A good famous Kingsport businessman got some extraordinary news a few weeks ago, though is perplexing to make something good come out of it.

Bryan Hayworth, owners of Hayworth Tire in Kingsport, is good famous in both a business village and a weightlifting village as well. A while back, he was carrying difficulty retaining and holding things in his hands and could not figure out why.

“August 7, we finally went to Vanderbilt and they told me that we had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, that was a bomb. It strike us flattering hard,”, Bryan Hayworth said, “Now, we’re pulling a enrichment to heal ALS, get a heal for it. I’ve got grand babies I’d like to be around with for a while for them to get to spend some time with Pop-Pop. We’ve got a travel entrance adult Saturday.”

Not one to mount still, Hayworth and his family motionless to start a Facebook page and see if they could figure out a approach to try to lift some income for ALS research.

“We’ve got a small “Hayworth Strong” shirt-thing going on, my son Ty and my mother Cindy arrange of designed it and it is like a double biceps and in a center says Hayworth Strong,”, Hayworth said, “We’re usually now removing prepared for them to come out, so if we go on my Hayworth Strong Facebook page, you’ll see that there is an grouping routine there. So basically, what we’re doing is, we’re holding a shirts and offered them to lift income to find a heal for ALS.”

Hayworth says that a escape of support and prayers has been amazing. They usually approaching to sell a integrate of hundred shirts, though a initial dual orders totaled around 750 shirts. They are ostensible to arrice on Friday so that they will be here in time for a ALS Walk on Saturday during Borden Park in Kingsport. He says that this diagnosis was positively a shock, though that he is going to keep vital his life a same approach for as prolonged as he can.

Hayworth added, “They tell we 3 to 5 years, we know.  I’ve also listened that a lot of that information is comparison and now you’ve got guys that are going 6, 7, 8, 10 years, so that is my plan.  I will still work out each day and we will sight until we can’t lift a weight any longer.”

Hayworth and friends are formulation other events in a nearby destiny to assistance lift income to find a heal for ALS, some of them might embody a Raised Truck Parade and Car Show as good as presumably another ALS walk. Go to a Hayworth Strong page on Facebook to sequence a shirt or for news on arriving events.

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