‘He Wants To Be Remembered’: Tiny Desk Contestant Finds His Voice While Fighting ALS

April 20, 2018 - als

Bernie Dalton (right) and Essence Goldman (center) signing copies of Bernie And The Believer’s manuscript Connection

Courtesy of Essence Goldman

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Courtesy of Essence Goldman

Bernie Dalton (right) and Essence Goldman (center) signing copies of Bernie And The Believer’s manuscript Connection

Courtesy of Essence Goldman

A integrate of years ago, Bernie Dalton was a strong, physically fit, 40-something-year-old surfer. Every morning, he would get adult during 4 A.M. to watch a morning in Santa Cruz, Calif. Bernie wasn’t a musician during a time, though he was ardent about music. His lifelong dream was to record an album.

Bernie had usually started voice lessons with his teacher, Essence Goldman, when he perceived a diagnosis that he had bulbar-onset ALS, an assertive form of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Doctors told him he had maybe a few years to live, and that he would remove many of his corporeal functions good before that.

“It was time to get my boundary in gear,” he says by an Eye Gaze Device during a commencement of his Tiny Desk Contest entrance video, finish with an ultra-tiny table and a duplicate of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time on it. “I could no longer pronounce or sing, so we asked my singing teacher, Essence, to turn my voice.”

Bernie shaped a rope Bernie And The Believers with friends. Together, along with Essence, they recorded an album called Connection. The songs were created by Bernie and sung by Essence and a band. Essence, who appears in a Tiny Desk entrance video, was operative on her possess album when Bernie asked her to sing on his.

“I wanted to assistance him, though we know, we didn’t utterly know how this would manifest,” Essence says. She pronounced approbation because, as she explains, Bernie’s strain and his story have a singular urgency. “What could be some-more critical than this man’s goal to communicate his values and his recommendation for vital for destiny generations when he doesn’t have most time left?”

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They sat down in Essence’s vital room one dusk and within a few minutes, they had a song. “It usually poured right out,” she says. The track, “Simon’s Hero,” is what Essence calls a kind of oration due to a miss of pop-mold rhyme. She says she had to step outward of herself to live a difference meant for Bernie’s grandchildren.

“The strain talks about holding a step behind and resonating with what unequivocally matters: any impulse and a people who we caring about,” Essence explains. “That faster is not always better. More is not a answer.”

Bernie’s lyrics strech a carefree conclusion: “Know each conditions / and all illusive outcomes / reason adore during a core of it all,” he writes.

“Bernie is a almighty optimist,” Essence laughs. “I have never met somebody who has some-more wish than Bernie Dalton. He is laying in a bed. He can usually pierce his eyes. And he’s formulation his subsequent move.”

For his subsequent evident move, Bernie wants to pierce from a nursing home he’s in now, where he doesn’t accept a correct ALS-specific care, to his home. And he wants to be remembered.

“He wants to be remembered as a artistic chairman and an artist, not as a ill guy,” Essence says, “He usually wants people to hear a music.”

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