Hitting Good Harbor Beach – for Pete Frates and ALS,

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Julie Frates stands beside her father Pete Frates as she talks with ESPN Saturday during Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. More than 500 incited out to take a Plunge 4 Pete to advantage ALS investigate and Pete Frates personal quarrel opposite a disease.

Julie Frates stands beside her father Pete Frates as she talks with ESPN Saturday during Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. More than 500 incited out to take a Plunge 4 Pete to advantage ALS investigate and Pete Frates personal quarrel opposite a disease.

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PHOTOS: Plunge 4 Pete during Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester

More than 500 people incited out for a third annual “Plunge 4
Pete” frigid thrust during Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester
Saturday, Dec. 27. The event, named for Beverly’s Pete Frates,
raised an estimated $130,000 for ALS research. 

Posted: Saturday, Dec 27, 2014 5:00 pm

Updated: 5:19 pm, Sat Dec 27, 2014.

‘Plunge 4 Pete’ draws over 500 to Gloucester, raises $130K in ALS fight

By Ray Lamont Editor

Gloucester Daily Times

Julie Frates, station beside her husband, Pete, during a feet of a Good Harbor Beach footbridge Saturday, pronounced she was awed by what a integrate found when they arrived to perspective a ALS fund-raiser that bears her husband’s name.

“It was enough,” she said, “to usually take your exhale away.”

Julie wasn’t articulate about a cold waters that greeted participants in Saturday’s third annual “Plunge 4 Pete,” and in a quarrel to strike out ALS. 

She was articulate about a mob of good over 500 people who incited out for a third annual thrust into a Atlantic, lifting some $130,000 and carrying on a movement from this past summer’s Ice Bucket ALS Challenge, that carried Pete Frates’ predicament and ALS recognition around a world. 

“It’s usually incredible,” John Frates, Pete’s father, pronounced of a audience while exchanging handshakes and hugs with scores of well-wishers outward a Bass Rocks Golf Club. “It’s unequivocally left from incredible, supernatural and extraordinary to unequivocally usually being supernatural now.” 

The bar served as a domicile for Saturday’s plunge, with a post-plunge entertainment and pre- and post-plunge changing and warming facilities. Saturday’s eventuality also coincided with Pete Frates’ 30th birthday, his third given being diagnosed in 2012 with amyotrophic parallel sclerosis — or ALS.

“To cruise that people would be doing this, not usually for a son, yet for all of those families who have been overwhelmed by ALS unequivocally does seem like a spectacle to me,” he added. “And it’s given a lot of us a possibility to come together.  We’ve met 4 other families here that have been directly influenced by ALS, and it’s given us a possibility to share in support. It’s usually amazing.”

Nancy Frates, John’s mom and Pete’s mother, was also among those during Bass Rocks and Good Harbor. She remarkable that a Ice Bucket Challenge alone has generated some-more than $220 million this year to advantage ALS investigate — all carrying started as a advantage for Pete Frates’ fight. And that was increased by Saturday’s plunge, for that participants sealed adult divided or in teams.

Capacity registration

Dave Cloyd, Pete Frates’ uncle, pronounced a family had to cut off registration for a thrust during 500 so as not to overcome a golf bar comforts — yet organizers pronounced others were acquire to join a thrust on their own. 

Those who showed adult to take a thrust during Good Harbor came in all ages and attire. Many done a long, downhill travel from a Bass Rocks bar to a beach donned in Boston College ball and other clothe — with John Frates sporting a BC ball jersey sealed on a behind by dozens of well-wishers. Pete Frates had been a BC ball captain after personification during St. John’s Prep in Danvers; a family is from Beverly.

Many others wore “Team Frates” and “Frate Train” T-shirts to uncover their support, while others donned all from weed skirts to some-more elaborate costumes as they prepared to take a plunge.

Chants for Pete

Once during Good Harbor, a throng awaited and afterwards cheered extravagantly during Pete and Julie Frates attainment — and chanted their support as Julie, station alongside a wheelchair of her husband, who can't speak, carried out a live speak with ESPN, that pennyless divided from a midday coverage. The chants, that grew louder by a minute, began with cheers of “Pete, Pete, Pete,” modernized to a rhythmic “Pet-er-Fra-tes,” to a indication of Yankee fans’ “Der-ek-Je-ter,” and altered on to “Strike Out ALS,” before a resounding singing of “Happy Birthday.”

With that, Julie Frates — armed with a megaphone — afterwards counted down from 10 to a thrust — and a masses strike a water. While temperatures ranged as high as 53 degrees underneath balmy skies, it was still distant from what many would cruise an ideal beach day, and there were shivers all around as a plungers re-emerged.

“Cold — it was cold,” pronounced Whitney McIntosh in answer to a day’s many apparent question. But McIntosh, who grew adult in Rockport and now lives in Brooklyn, pronounced she wasn’t about to skip a eventuality while behind home on Cape Ann for a holidays.

“I had missed it a final dual years, yet I’ve donated to a means before and unequivocally wanted to come this time,” she said. While she does privately know a Frates family, she pronounced she has “a lot of friends who are partial of a BC family.”

“I’ve famous about Pete for a while,” she said, “and how can we not support him and something like this?”

‘Positive energy’

Lillian Salah of Gloucester — wearing an ice cream dress in respect of The Salah Scoops emporium owned by her husband, Dean, who also owns George’s of Gloucester coffee shop, certified she was “pretty nervous” about opposed a Atlantic Ocean for a Dec dip.

“But to be honest, it’s cold (at Good Harbor) when we usually go in in Jun or July, and once we got in, we almost didn’t even notice a cold. There were so many people, and so most certain energy, we usually kind of rode with it all — like a surfer.”

In a end, a speak of a day centered not as most on a termperatures, yet on that certain appetite and a quarrel opposite ALS — for that there stays no famous cure, or even a famous treatment.

“It’s usually such a good day,” pronounced John Frates, expressing thankfulness not usually to a thrust participants, yet to a city of Gloucester for welcoming a event. The Good bay Plunge 4 Pete was innate when Pattie Burnham and her father Scott, Gloucester residents — members during Bass Rocks and friends of a Frates family by their son being teammates during St. John’s Prep —  sought to do something to assistance on conference of Pete’s diagnosis. 

“Pete’s family used to come here,” Julie Frates pronounced of Good Harbor, “and this is usually a ideal venue for us, with a golf bar tighten by — it’s perfect.

“We’re usually so beholden to everybody,” she added. “So beholden that people would come out to support us, to support distinguished out ALS — and to do crazy things for us, like jumping into a Atlantic Ocean in December.”

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Saturday, Dec 27, 2014 5:00 pm.

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