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July 10, 2015 - als

An Atlanta male battling ALS is fighting a hospice caring trickery to keep machines he needs to live.

Hector Torres has to live his life bending adult to dual machines that assistance keep him alive.

“I’m dying. I’m suffocating, since we can’t breathe,” Torres said.

He suffers from ALS, a illness that affects haughtiness cells in his mind and spinal cord.

Torres told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes he needs dual machines to breath, a ventilator and another to supply oxygen.

Vitas Hospice officials were vouchsafing him use a machines in his home, though now that a plcae is underneath new government a hospice is holding behind one of a machines.

Torres’ mother says one of a machines is no good but a other. She says if her father doesn’t have it his blood will be infested with CO monoxide.

Fernandes called Vitas Hospice who after released a matter that reads:

“They have to accommodate a criteria of carrying a life outlook of reduction than 6 months. When a studious no longer meets that criteria, no hospice provider can offer them hospice services.”

According to Torres, Vitas Hospice sent a alloy to his residence who reliable that he’s not authorised for a machine.

Torres says a alloy didn’t even give him a earthy exam. 

Torres tells Channel 2 Action News he’d rather be euthanized than stifle to death.

“Unfortunately we don’t (allow) euthanization. It would be some-more decent to die like that,” Torres said.

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