How Much Did Facebook Make From The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

September 12, 2014 - als

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge lifted extremely some-more than $100 million for investigate into degenerative neurological disease. That’s great. But a whole materialisation was also flattering good for Facebook, that saw a huge, extended swell of usage, quite video consumption, around a summer-long campaign.

Ice Bucket Challenge videos were noticed some-more than 10 billion times and reached some-more than 440 million people, according to Facebook. The association is capitalizing on all that movement by perplexing to partisan tip YouTube personalities to move their calm to a platform, according to a Wall Street Journal. Facebook is also adding self-centredness metrics to a videos to underscore their flourishing popularity.

How many was a Ice Bucket Challenge value to Facebook in dollar terms? It’s tough to say, as Facebook didn’t monetize a videos directly with advertising. (Imagine a cheer if it had!) But we can come adult with a really severe theory by calculating a rate during that it monetizes users’ time in ubiquitous and augmenting that by a volume of time they spent observation Ice Bucket clips.

In a U.S., a epicenter of a Ice Bucket phenomenon, Facebook took in $1.308 billion in income during the many new financial quarter, about $1.2 billion of it from advertising. Facebook has 204 million monthly active users in that region, and a normal user spends 40 mins a day with a service.

North American users, then, spent 734.4 billion mins on Facebook during a second quarter. That yields an normal monetization rate of $0.00178 per minute.

Now we have to figure out how many time users spent examination Ice Bucket Challenge videos. This gets wily because, as Peter Kafka notes, what Facebook depends as a video play isn’t indispensably what we or we would cruise a play. Because videos in News Feed play automatically, Facebook considers we to have watched one if if starts autoplaying and we don’t corkscrew past for some set volume of time they don’t publicly disclose. we emailed Facebook PR to ask for information on a volume of time spent examination a videos yet didn’t hear back.

So let’s say, arbitrarily, that a normal play was 5 seconds. That would produce a sum of 883 million mins spent. Multiply that by a monetization rate and we get $1.48 million.

That’s a incomprehensible number, for countless reasons. For one thing, it doesn’t take into comment all of a other forms of rendezvous over video views that a debate gathering — likes, comments, shares, etc. Justin Bieber’s two videos alone perceived some-more than half a million likes. we also cheated a bit by regulating a U.S. time-monetization rate, that was rather easier to deduce, for all a video views, even yet a debate widespread opposite a globe. Sorry about that.

In any case, we cruise it’s satisfactory to interpretation that a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge resulted in millions of incremental dollars in ad income for Facebook, even before we cruise a broadside value of a materialisation and a purpose it will expected play in attracting big-ticket advertisers and YouTube stars to a platform.

For what it’s worth, nonetheless they both participated in a debate by creation videos, conjunction Mark Zuckerberg nor Sheryl Sandberg was among a people called out by a ALS Association for donating some-more than $100,000. (T-Mobile CEO John Legere was, however.) It’s always probable they donated anonymously, of course. Neither was Facebook among a companies to present during that level.

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